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Accessing the Research Hub

The research hub is the core of Decipher, where you can create, manage, review and collaborate on projects.

Our website address is https://www.focusvision.com. To login into Decipher, click "Login", shown below.

If you forgot your password and want to learn how to reset it, click here.

There are 3 login options:

1:  Standard Login

Enter your email address and password. Then click "Sign In".

Checking "Trusted Computer" may keep you logged in longer, however the security settings for your company will override this. Company supervisors may edit this time (click here to learn more).

2:  Corporate Login

SAML integration is now available for enterprise clients who wish to authenticate existing users via a SAML 2.0 capable identity provider. This option is only available if it's been enabled for your company. Once you've set up your login, you only need your email address to log in.

3:  Google Login

If you are signing in with a Google Account, click "Google Login". Google will ask if you want to allow Decipher to access your email address. To use your Google address to log into the research hub, the address must exactly match the one used for your research hub login. To use your Google address, click "Allow".

Once you are logged in, begin creating and managing projects in the Research Hub.

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To learn more about the links and features available from the research hub, click here.

If you are already logged in and would like to access the research hub, go to v2.decipherinc.com/dir/.

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