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Tagging Projects


Tags are a good way to organize projects, and also the primary way to search for specific projects in Decipher. Tags are usually descriptive labels that help describe the project. Projects can have any number of tags.

Example use of tags:

  • Tag all your Customer Satisfaction surveys as “Customer Sat”. You can now view the collection of them at once by searching for the  “Customer Sat” tag.
  • Tag your project with the sample provider to quickly see all projects using that particular vendor.
  • Tag projects using a specific methodology, such as "MaxDiff" or "NPS".

With tags, you can search for projects by a defined categorization(s) similar to how user groups allow you to find projects managed by particular teams.

Tags are only viewable on a project if you have survey edit access. For example, if you’re a sample vendor provided with field report access only, you won’t see the project’s tags. Most users will have the proper survey access to view tags, though.

1: Tagging a Project

When you create a new project you have the option to add tags when you expand the New Project dialog with the "Project Info" link.

Auto-complete helps identify existing tags as you type.

When you select an existing project or use the full screen view, the project page offers a detailed view of your project. This includes a section for tags. Simply click in the "Tags" field and type in text.


1.1: Tagging Multiple Projects

To tag multiple projects at once, check the boxes to select the projects you want to tag. Then click on the tag icon   and type in the name of the tag in the field provided. Once the tags are entered, select "Apply" to apply the tags to all selected projects.

2: Removing Tags

To remove tags from a project, select the project in the portal to open the project page. Then locate the tag you want to remove and click the X for that tag.

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