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Project Warnings Report


The project warnings report allows you to check the results of any potential data collection issues. Email notifications are sent to subscribed users. Now you can track the quality of your survey. 

Note: Currently, only FocusVision staff users have access to this report.

1: Accessing the Project Warnings Report

1.1 For a Company

In the research hub, open your company page by clicking the "Company Page" link located under the company name / logo.

Then click the "Project Warnings" link found along the left panel of the page.

The project warnings report displays projects for your company based on the selected filter options.

1. Filter menu : Click to open the filter menu. You can select to filter by date, company and survey state.
2. Selected filter options : Applied filters from the filter menu.
3. Search : Enter a project name to filter the project list by a specific project.
4. Company name (s):  The name (s) of the companies included in the report.
5. Project list : A listing of the projects with the project path.
6. Exceptions : The number of loading or execution errors reported for a project.
7. Missing Resources : The number of missing static resources such as images, scripts, or other media.
8. Quota Misses : The number of respondents that is not qualified for any quota.
9: Blocked Respondents : The number of respondents is blocked from the survey.
10. Drill down : Click a link to drill down on the exception or warning for detailed information for a project. 

1.1.2 Color Coded Thresholds

Additional, exceptions and warnings are shown on the report are color coded according to severity. Thresholds have been preset for your convenience.

  • [] - Any count (> 0) for exceptions, quota misses, and missing resources
  • [] - Count for blocked respondents is greater than the threshold
  • [] - Count for blocked respondents or quota misses within the threshold

The threshold for exceptions, quota misses and missing resources (shown in [] ). Blocked respondents (shown in  [] ) may indicate that there is a problem with the survey setup.

For information about the thresholds, click here .

1.2: For a Project

You can also access "Project Warnings" from the research hub. 

Note: Only projects that have been launched or closed.

2: Filtering a Company's Project Warnings Report

You can filter the project list on this report when you click "+ Filter". You can filter by date, company, and by surveyState.

Note: For a project, you can only filter by date.

2.1: Filtering by Date

By default, the project list is filtered by "All Time." This displays all the events for project. You can filter the project by a specific time period.

2.2: Filtering by Company

Note: Only staff and regional supervisors can filter by company.

By default, the project list is filtered by the current company. To see other available companies, click in the box. Select / deselect companies you want to display.

2.2: Filtering by Survey State

By default, the project list displays live surveys. You can filter the project list to display closed surveys or both (live and closed surveys) as displayed below.

3: Notification Emails

Notification emails are sent to users subscribed to a LIVE project. The emails include errors and warnings that have exceeded the preset thresholds:

  • Errors
  • Missing static resources
  • Not qualifying for a quota (quotes and quotes)
  • Blocked respondent
  • Drop-outs (although not included on this report). The percentage of drop-outs reported is a "snapshot" in time and will not match the overall project. For any reason, the dropout formula is based on the number of respondents active in the last 60 minutes.

Notification begins when a threshold is exceeded. Afterwards, one email is sent out when there is a change in the count for aggregated events. The server checks and sends out emails approximately every 5 minutes for each event counts that changed to each subscriber.

You will never receive repeat notifications within 60 minutes of each other; However, if a different type of event is detected. The exception to this is for survey errors, which should be corrected as soon as possible. As long as the survey is getting errors, the subscribers will receive the summary email as well as the individual error emails.  

An survey of the results of the survey was carried out on the basis of the results of the survey. Every single respondent that encounters the same error. Summary emails are delivered before the subscriber is unsubscribed from the survey or the error is fixed.

3.1: How Notification Thresholds are Set

The following details are given:

  • Exceptions - 1+
  • Missing resources - 1+
  • Blocked respondents -> 1 per minute, with a minimum of 5 blocked respondents in a notification period (5 per min)
  • Drop-outs - 30% dropouts / active with the minimum of 10 respondents active during the 1 hour timeframe leading up to the 5-minute system review period
  • Missed quotas - 1+

3.2: Subscribing to a Project

You can subscribe to a project in the following ways:

  • Automatically when you start a project
  • Actions menu when testing (ShowSurvey with Tools)

For users with shell access, there are additional ways to subscribe / manage subscriptions. See Managing Subscriptions for a Project  for details.

Note: Users with shell access, you can not use the hooks system for project warnings email notifications. Click here for more information about the hooks system.

4: Drilling Down On The Report

From a company's project warnings report, you can click the project link to monitor the errors and warnings for a project displayed on the following tabs.

  • Exceptions
  • Missing resources
  • Quota misses
  • Blocked respondents

4.1: Monitoring Exceptions

On the exceptions tab, you can see the details of the errors.

Click the error code link to get a complete description of the error text.

4.1.1: Troubleshooting Tips

First, on the exceptions tab, look at the line that begins with "Error," as this usually contains a brief summary of the problem. If you need more information, the traceback, program context snippet, and / or variables, will usually clarify the origin of the problem that needs correcting.

4.2: Monitoring Missing Resources

On the missing resources tab, you can see any resources that are referenced in the survey. You need to upload a missing file to the survey. For more information, see  Uploading System Files.

Note: The project warning system does not monitor images that are protected [protected image.png] and [image image.png]. Make sure you have a test your project before launching.

4.3: Monitoring Quota Misses

On the quota misses tab, you can see the number of respondents who is not qualifying for any quota. This is probably caused by a programming error and should be addressed immediately. See Non-qualified Respondents and Unspecified Terminators .

4.3.1: Troubleshooting Tips

Create a quota cell for these "missed" respondents. If they are not, it is not. This is the best way to get the best results.

4.4: Monitoring Blocked Respondents

On the blocked respondents tab, you can see the reason that respondents have been blocked from the survey. Responders may be blocked for any reason and some of which may not be a problem with the survey setup and / or sampling. For example, copying / pasting or otherwise writing a URL.

The following are reasons why a respondent may be blocked:

4.2.1: Troubleshooting Tips

For blocked respondents, complete the following checks:

  • For an invalid or missing variable or CNAME , verify that the sample source is set up and the survey link is correct.
  • For multiple counts of duplicate variables , verify that the URLs are populated with unique variables.
  • For multiple counts of wrong type of device or answering from an unallowed country , check the survey setup.