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Making a Hidden Variable Automatically Populate

You can use the autofill element to create a hidden variable. Overall, the autofill element is used for creating segments, auto-punching and advanced piping. Respondents will not see autofill elements.

To insert an Autofill Element, in the survey builder, click "Add Survey Element." Then on the left panel,  click "Structural" and then "Autofill." Click "Insert."

Be sure to include a page break between the control question and the autofill element.

Enter an autofill title and update the autofill "label" on the right panel, if desired.  Make sure that the title is easy to understand as you look at the report after your project is launched. 


Next, click "Edit Answers" to create the classifications that should be automatically punched from the previous question. Each classification should be on its own line in the autofill answer editor. The graphic below shows an example of completed classifications.

Then for each classification, click the corresponding "all" drop down at the right to assign the autopunch logic for the autofill. You can use a pre-existing condition or create a new condition. To create a new condition, click "+ condition" and the logic editor opens. Enter the logic for the selected category and click "Save." Be sure to repeat this process for each classification in the autofill element.

The graphic below is an example of the logic for the 18-24 category.  For more information about adding logic, click here.

The hidden variable that auto-punches is now complete.

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