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Beacon M20 Release Notes

Release date: April 8, 2014

M20 is the first release using our “Quick Release” schedule.

New Features

Alert Management System: A report accessible inside Research Hub that aggregates all alerts from surveys into one place. Allows for greater visibility on alerts, tracking of resolution & activity and ultimate “closing of the loop”. [KB: 1618]
Release: Monday March 31st, prior to m20

  • #17816 Alert elements can be edited from the alert center. [KB: 1618#2.2]
  • #17802 Option to restrict which user/groups can see alert cases. [KB: 1618#2.2]
    • “Users with report access to project” group shown by default
    • Available only from edit-alert dialog
  • #17781 Permission changes [KB: 1618#1.1]:
    • Staff, Supervisors, and users with report.edit permissions to the project will have unrestricted access to the alert center
    • Users report.view permissions will have access to view and edit cases for the project.
    • An alert with a restricted list of users will only be seen by those in that list (and Staff/Supervisors/report.edit)
  • #17851 Improved alert case style
  • #17887 Email styles can be overridden in nstyles [KB: 1422]
  • #17865 Question content displayed in order added during setup
  • #17705 Alt attributes will be displayed in place of given text in question content
  • #17892 Option to send an email when changing case owner [KB: 1618#2.1]
  • #17852 Owner selection no longer requires multiple clicks
  • #17816 question label for alert elements no longer shown as part of the options menu [KB: 1385]

Crosstabs & Classic Reporting

  • #17554 Custom table filter information is displayed in whiteboard/saved report creator
  • #17899 When a project has a weight file uploaded, data weighting information is displayed in the report summary
  • #17918 Data weighting information is displayed in PPTX/Excel/PDF exports summary
  • #17880 Crosstabs doesn’t autorun for very large projects (will autorun if report tables + qualified respondents/500) < 500
  • #17932 Data weighting information is displayed in table summary on whiteboard/saved reports
  • #17951 Data weighting information is displayed in exports (PPTX/Excel/PDF) for saved report exports

Research Hub / Portal

  • #17581 Macro Groups: A macro user group may contain both individual users and existing user groups, each with unique permission levels within the group. [KB: 1516]
    • #17581 Users can be added to projects with different permissions. e.g. You can add User A with View Only, and User B with Vendor at the same time [KB: 1516#2.2]


  • #17816 question label for alert elements no longer shown as part of the options menu [KB: 1385]
  • IE11 Tier 2 support [KB: 106]

Survey & CMS

  • #17826 The <style> tag allows you to override survey.completion to replace the progress bar [KB: 1261]

Dynamic Questions Toolkit Updates

  • #17068 DQ’s can now provide their own custom editor usable within Builder. [Doc]

Programming & Tools

  • #17281 The subscribe script can be used to view and edit survey subscriptions [KB: 1627]
  • #17803 The subscribers hook can be used to programmatically modify who gets emails for support request, errors and other team emails. See Extended Documentation below. [KB: 959]
  • #17646 If you create a Database in a secure survey, you can read data from another survey as long as that survey has a proper ACL file [KB: 397]


  • Crosstabs & Classic Reporting:
    • #17267 Corrected exception when running report
    • #17605 Charts show in saved report preview
    • #17647 Pinning now works in IE11
    • #17758 Legacy reports support virtuals
    • #17785 Fixed splitting by sample source
    • #17341 Fixing logic problems in Banner Creator
    • #17302  Banners must be given a unique name.  If not the banner is not saved and a warning is shown.
    • #17265  Progress indicator (spinner) now shows more often to indicate the report is still loading
    • #17665 When a project has a weight file uploaded, banner creator shows per segment weighting option again
    • #16431 Report 2010: PPTX export displays all rows in summary table


  • #17867 compat=120+ surveys automatically add a userAgent even if not explicitly present in survey.xml. Set agents=”none” if you absolutely do not want to see the vbrowser/vos tables that break down different browser versions [KB: 327]
  • A number of interesting database reports are available off the admin page:
  • Append .csv to the URL to get the file as CSV
  • #17791 Fixes manual grouping problems in SPSS importer
  • #17949: compat=120+ surveys now have more consistent styling across different device types


  • #17315, #17636 Grunt+Karma test runner in place, allowing developers to write and execute unit tests easily against modern applications
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