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Beacon M24 Release Notes

Release Date:  August 11, 2014

Survey Editor

  • [18655] - Logic gui will display images title or alt values instead of image tag
  • [18604] - Updated standard question library to include a numerical age question [KB: 930]
  • [18604] - Rating scale values in the standard element library are now consistent
  • Scales applied to rows have their value attribute and intent ordered from high to low
    • (e.g. [5] Excellent, [4] Very good, [3] Good, [2] Fair, [1] Poor)
  • Scales applied to columns have their value attribute and intent ordered from low to high
    • (e.g. [1] Poor, [2] Fair, [3] Good, [4] Very good, [5] Excellent)
  • [18853] - Added support for the “when” attribute of the Exec element. It is accessible in the Options panel. [KB: 1097]
  • [18761] - Access the Survey Editor or XML Editor in a view-only mode. [KB: 1688]


  • [18815] Ability to Add notes in dashboard, you can now add notes to dashboard tables / charts where the comment is in context to the current dashboard configuration (filters / banner). [KB: 1568]

Dynamic Questions Toolkit Updates

  • Dynamic Question text is now exportable and importable in the xlate.
  • [17346] - The following DQ questions contain cell-level stylevars that are now supported in the survey editor options panel: [KB: 1343]
    • Slider Points [KB: 1563]
    • Fancy Boxes [archived]


  • Beacon will not sync with Fulcrum after initial launch. Post launch changes must be done via Fulcrum's website.
  • Multiple sample sources are now supported in Fulcrum
  • Fulcrum quota logic is no longer limited to quick quotas only, but allows logic that references the same question (e.g. you can group ethnicities from specific to general types) [KB: 1469]
  • Qualification and Quota objects are now more descriptive in Fulcrums website (however currently limited in length)
  • Quotas are now created in the same order in Fulcrum as they are in Beacon to enhance readability on Fulcrum's site
  • A new Fulcrum Quota type is available to Fulcrum Automatic surveys that apply only to Fulcrum respondents [KB: 1690]
  • Hispanic ethnicity quotas will be evaluated first to allow nesting with ethnicity groups
  • RISN is now passed by default in redirects
  • Fulcrum icons are more distinguishable
  • Fulcrum security parameters are now managed via Fulcrum's website only
  • Fulcrum Automatic Sample Source will not be available in any live-edit survey
  • Fulcrum Automatic projects will be given the state awarded when set live in Beacon
  • Overlapping sync's of the same project are prevented. If you start a sync and then close the window, and then try and sync while the old sync is still running on the server, you'll see a warning. That warning will attempt to wait out the initial sync for 2 minutes (120 seconds). If the initial sync finishes in that time, it will start a new sync, else it will tell you when the initial sync started and to try again later

Image Manager

  • [18650] Watermark protection can be added to images. [KB: 280, 637]
    • [18821] Choosing to ‘apply to all’ stores the new default settings to the survey.xml and is saved as a user preference (to be applied to future projects)
    • Requires compat 124+ [KB: 415]
  • [18576] Image deletion [KB: 280]
  • [18652] Images can be added to the survey using: [image myimg.png height=200] [KB: 1691]

Programming & Tools

  • The Automated DataBase allows easy integration of list and other data within your survey. No more manual invited.txt management: [KB: 1689]
    • set lists=”mail” to include dat from all your lists
    • set adb=”1” on the sample source you want to manage
    • For full documentation, see the manual.
    • When using a dataSource attribute you can now use dataVirtual=”1” to make the question virtual
    • rather than a real question that is merged when taking the survey
  • When matching data, rather than matching by the value= attribute you can use dataValue to match non-numeric to specific rows; e.g. dataValue=”us,usa,america” will match either of those 3 values to this specific value row
  • The Brightcove view count script has been updated. By running the command here maint/brightcove-collect-views [client] date_start(MM/DD/YYYY) date_end(MM/DD/YYYY) it will display the views for the videos that received views, and also display the length of the video. Video lengths are updated at 1AM. [staff only]


  • [18434] - LIVE surveys can no longer be edited directly via the XML editor
  • [18828] - Renaming/removing element library items no longer returns invalid path error
  • [18728] - Adding elements to the survey editor stage via the element library no longer duplicates values
  • [18846] - Project Display Settings should no longer detect changes when none were made
  • [18759] - Fixed an issue in Media Evaluator and Video Player where certain supported Internet Explorer browsers failed to automatically start the video and / or failed to properly detect completion of the video.
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