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Decipher M31 Technical Release Notes

Release Date: December 15, 2015


Dynamic Questions

  • 21563: Client specific dynamic questions must be put into the selfserve/client/lib directory which is now searched right after the survey's lib directory. Avoid using lib/local unless it's really a DQ local to this particular server. Questions of general useful nature should be moved to the DQ team
  • #21436:  Button Select 8 no longer gets confused if a browser (namely Firefox and Internet Explorer) saves the form data after a page refresh.
  • #21493:  Button Select Grid 5 and 6 buttons are now always fully clickable and selectable under compats 129 and 130.
  • #21627:  Resolved an issue where the "no answer" checkbox was not showing up (displaying or functioning properly) for Image Map DQ.



  • #21685:  Brightcove video player support for secure surveys.

Survey Builder

Theme Editor

  • #21413:  Introduced the ability to export existing theme.less files and save them locally.  Afterwards you can use the file as a template to customize the theme and even create a new theme.  Use import to upload customized theme.less file to Decipher. [KBEditing the Survey Theme]

Device Preview

XML Editor

  • #20007:  Improved error reporting.


#21377:  Updated New Project modal to be easier to use.  Can now start a survey from a template. [KB: Starting a New Project ]

Programmer Tools

  • #21543:  The bulk unhash command reverses the email hashes in a file. This is useful for reading the complaints.txt file that lists the people who complained that the email invite was spam. When you specify a filename as argument, all lists in file's directory are read in and the hashes are reversed. [KB:  Reading the Complaints File ]


  • #21508:  Reschedule sample with the dialer at callback time.
  • #21507:  Additional table in the "Disposition Report" tab which splits "available for Retry" into their most recent call-history disposition (e.g., No Answer) and selected split field.
  • #20912:  Resolved an issue where the same sample would be sent to the dialer multiple times.


  • #21331:  Simultaneous edits now prevented while performing a live merge in Builder in most cases.
  • #21209:  The CSV data REST API would output an extra blank line at the end of downloads.
  • #21475:  Running bulk status on a list where items were modified will no longer error out if the log file references entries that cannot be found anymore.
  • #21451:  Webfonts in "Vintage" system theme now render properly in IE9.
  • #21512:  Fixes issue where textarea instruction text was not set when using project_created hook.
  • #21606:  Adds .fa-icon-check-empty, missing unchecked checkbox icon class to Font Awesome.

Misc / Custom Projects

  • #21527: Emails sent from the bulk system will now attach information about the send/client that the Gmail Feedback Loop can report on. This cannot be automated due to lack of an API, but clients/sends exceeding 1% threshold on Gmail loop will generally have their sending practices thoroughly examined.
  • #21524:  Binding for interacting with PIX API.