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Decipher M32 Technical Release Notes

Release Date: March 8, 2016

Mission Statement

New survey compat level is 132. Use compat="132" for all new surveys. This enables:

  •  <span> with corresponding class ("pre-text"/"post-text") when ss:preText or ss:postText are used
  • Respondent View - removal of select2 styling for <select> elements

New Features

Card Rating

This new DQ utilizes cards to rate elements utilizing a single-select form. To interact with this question, the respondent views the cards one at a time and selects one button below to rate (or categorize) the card.  Once rated, the carousel of cards automatically advances to display the next card. [KBCard Rating Question, Customizing the Card Rating Element, Decipher Dynamic Questions]

View/Edit Responses

The View/Edit Responses Report allows you to view and edit the responses of every respondent in a survey. Edits can be performed on individuals or groups of respondents. The View/Edit Responses Report provides tools for filtering and searching based on survey variables to make finding respondents easy.  [KBAbout the View/Edit Responses Report]




Survey Builder
Respondent View
  • #21768: Added device property "family" [KBMobile Optimization Options]
  • #21790: When a question contains Pre-Text or Post-Text (ss:preText/ss:postText) the content is wrapped in a <span> and corresponding class ("pre-text"/"post-text") is added. [KBCompat Levels]
  • #21677 Replaced Select2 plugin to replace with Normal HTML drop-down. Allowing us to become more ADA compliant in and provide a better response view experience
XML Editor
  • #20659:  Removal of auto indenting


  • #21876:  A new walkthrough video

Programming & Tools

  • #21759: survey.log add information about autosave restoring and UUID now contains a time stamp.  [KB: Attributes for Field Settings, Recover]
  • #21774: Added a -d option to the maketoken script so you can specify the number of days a token is active (default is 7). [KBCustom Scripts]
  • #21815: Integrate G-Lock API with bulk script to test a email for deliverability/SPAM. [KBIntegrating with G-Lock Apps]
  • #21819: Added email.1 logic node to the logic library. The email.1 logic node sends out a single email.[KBLogic Library]
  • #21964:  Added support for using sendgrid with bulk. [KB: Emails Sends with Bulk]

Bug fixes

Survey Builder
  • #21739: Fixed issue in Library where first answer elements were not selected when importing
  • #21771: Library API: Added check for at least one node
  • #21780: Fixed issue with Library not stripping xml declaration for preview
  • #21767: Fixes issue in element library where saving similarly named images aren’t properly renamed
  • #21754: Fixed meta tags
  • #21702: RTE add <br/> instead of using <p>
  • #6693: Fixed fatal error when switching to number question type
  • #17909: Builder no longer strips rowConds referencing multiple questions.
  • #21890: Fixes issue were error messages are out of order when using below=””
  • #14534: Fixes an issue where builder would move some tags outside of blocks
  • #21813: Fixes an issue when the trackVars="checkbox" created an error
XML Editor
  • #10011:  Fixed issue with ids being stripped from html tags
Simulated Data
  • #5068: Fixed an issue where simulated data would fail if "minRanks" was incorrect
  • #21463:  Fixed an issue where simulated data would fail if 'unique' was used
Respondent View
  • #21752: Fixed "One Row at a Time" issue in compat 131
  • #21784: Fixed "One Row at a Time" issue with groups
  • #21806: fixed issue with FIR on android
  • #21069: Fixes issues for Open Ends not been highlights when errors occurred
  • #21859: Fixes an issue that let users enter a survey with invalid variables.
  • #21884: Fixed an issue with respondent view grid did not break down.
Theme Editor
  • #21720: Fixed issue with preview not loading when double clicking a survey preview option
  • #21728: Fixed various issues with undoing, canceling and selecting colors
  • #21738: Fixes issue where a system theme name could be changed
  • #21712: Fixed issue with theme preview not matching selected theme
Survey Testing Tools
  • #21831: Fixed issue with spell check hiding misspelled words in textarea question.
SPSS Importer
  • #21095:  Fixed issue with date variables being imported as "UNKNOWN" instead of text
Campaign Manager
  • #18593: Fixed issue with foreground color being lost when editing source code
  • #21897: Fixed issue where scheduling a send at noon would not schedule correctly
  • #21928: Fixed issue where reminder sends were unable to be scheduled due to JS error
  • #21765: Fixes issue with legend not matching bar chart when displaying negative values
  • #21755: Fixed issue with numeric rows and transpose having incorrect base
  • #21775: Fixed issue with nets not working with rows that use cond
  • #21776: Fixed issue with exports not showing negative bar charts correctly
  • #21814: Fixed issue with PDF exports showing overlapping negative values
  • #21696: Fixed issue with pie charts not working in compat 1
  • #21678: Fixed an issue where the export icons showing on charts without tabs [RWR - 02/23/2016]
  • #21510: Fixed issue with editing Total crosstab
  • #21465: Fixed issue where you could not remove a table filter in Crosstabs
  • #21842: Line Chart data labels are rounded and include %
  • #21880: Remove stat options in table editor for textarea questions
  • #21595: Added low sample indicators into Excel export
  • #21902: Fixed issue where stat testing was still calculated when disabled in UI
Responses Report
  • #21919:  Fixed an issue where viewing individual responses for 2d checkbox questions would display incorrectly
  • #11365:  Fixed a custom export issue when it had too many columns
  • #21948:  Fixed a custom export issue where it was showing variables hidden from the datamap
  • #21786: Do not allow project paths with leading slash
  • #21741: Fixed issue with new project customized path not working
  • #21786: Fixed bug where custom project path could lead with a slash
  • #21707: Old KB link is removed and Helpdesk target is updated too
Programming Tools
  • #20892: Fixed issue with generate where xlsx output a blank sheet
  • #21730 Fixed issue with logic nodes closing database
  • 21789: Fixed a bug where bulk would schedule a send in the past
  • #21801: Fixed issue with logic nodes not being scheduled
  • #21632: Fixed a bug where copy-survey would update a questions <alt> tag
  • #19135: Fixed an issue where [rel] breaks on change manager edit
  • #21840: Fixed issue where logic node clear.1 did not clear variables for terminated respondents
  • #21642: Remove count will now update for “optout” surveys as well as “remove”
  • #21870: Fixes an issue where the layout export script would throw errors when providing a path argument [KB: Layout Script]
  • #21856: Add high-end unicode character support for surveys/../data/edit
  • #21918: Improve logging when data is truncated due to survey changes
  • #21921: Data will no longer be wiped in live surveys when there is a data format mismatch and a complete happens (This change doesn’t affect dev/testing state)

Misc / Custom Projects

  • #21461:  Single sign on (SSO) so users can leave feedback in the new KB system without logging in

Developer Features

Devops Tools
  • #19316: Adds new decorator to limit the number of accepted requests per hour -- this is currently applied to all /support requests, limiting 5 GET/POST requests each per hour per IP address -- when the limit is exceeded, the following error is returned: 
    Your browser has sent too many requests. This action has been logged.
  • #21800: Appropriately handle requests containing an invalid IP