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Ranking Questions

In a ranking question the respondent must enter a unique response in the rows or columns. Ranking questions can be created using select elements.

Tip:  Check out the dynamic rank sort element, where the respondent ranks answers by dragging them into a rank position.

Create a Ranking Question with a Select Element:

To create a ranking question with a select element, create a new element and add the question text and the rows, columns and/or choices. Click on the element so the general options appear in the right side of the window. Select "minRanks" from the "More Options" dropdown menu.

The "minRanks" option will appear in the general options for the element. Enter a whole number in the field provided. This number defines the minimum number of items you want ranked.

Our question has 5 rankable items and we want all of them to be ranked, so we will enter 5 in the minRanks field.
A number less than the number of ranks could be entered for minRanks. For example, to force a top-3 ranking of 10 items you would enter 3 in the minRanks field.

If a respondent enters a duplicate response an error message will appear.

When you set the attribute minRanks to anything other than 0minRanks will make the question optional, even if you have the attribute optional="0" applied on the same question.