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Available Survey Languages

The Decipher platform supports many survey languages. The table below displays a full list of all the available languages within the Decipher platform. Decipher surveys have pre-translated items such as buttons, error messages, etc. Question/language resources added by the customer can be managed using our Language Manager tool. 

Note: If you would like to add a language that is not included on this list, please contact your Account Manager or the Decipher Support team for assistance.

Language Language Code (decLang)
Albanian albanian
Arabic arabic
Arabic (Egypt) arabic_egypt
Arabic (Lebanon) arabic_lebanon
Arabic (Morocco) arabic_morocco
Arabic (Qatar) arabic_qatar
Arabic (Saudi Arabia) arabic_saudiarabia
Arabic (UAE) arabic_uae
Azerbaijani azerbaijani
Bulgarian bulgarian
French (Canada) canadian
Croatian croatian
Czech czech
Danish danish
Danish danish.utf8
Dutch dutch
Dutch (Belgium) dutch_belgium
English (USA) english
English english.utf8
Estonian estonian
Finnish finnish
French french
French (Belgium) french_belgium
French (Luxemborg) french_lu
French (Switzerland) french_ch
Georgian georgian
German german
German (Austria) german_austria
German (Luxemborg) german_lu
German (Switzerland) german_ch
Greek greek
Hebrew hebrew
Hindi hindi
Hungarian hungarian
Icelandic icelandic
Indonesian indonesian
Italian italian
Italian italian.utf8
Japanese japanese
Khmer khmer
Korean korean
Latvian latvian
Lithunian lithuanian
Macedonian macedonian
Malay malay
Malay (Singapore) malay_sg
Mongolian mongolian
Persian persian
Polish polish
Portuguese portuguese
Portuguese (Brazil) portuguese_br
Romanian romanian
Russian russian
Serbian serbian
Chinese Simplified simplifiedchinese
Simplified Chinese (Malaysia) simplifiedchinese_my
Simplified Chinese (Singapore) simplifiedchinese_sg
Slovak slovak
Slovene slovene
Spanish spanish
Spanish spanish.utf8
Spanish (Argentina) spanish_argentina
Spanish (Brazil) spanish_brazil
Spanish (Chile) spanish_chile
Spanish (Colombia) spanish_colombia
Spanish (Ecuador) spanish_ecuador
Spanish (EU) spanish_eu
Spanish (Peru) spanish_peru
Spanish (Venezuela) spanish_venezuela
Spanish (Latin America) spanish_latin
Spanish (Mexico) spanish_mexico
Spanish (South America) spanish_south
Swahili swahili
Swedish swedish
Tagalog tagalog
Thai thai
Chinese Traditional traditionalchinese
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) traditionalchinese_tw
Turkish turkish
English (UK) uk
English (Australia) aus
English (Canada) english_ca
English (China) english_china
English (Generic 1) english_g1
English (Generic 2) english_g2
English (Generic 3) english_g3
English (Generic 4) english_g4
English (Hong Kong) english_hk
English (Indonesia) english_id
English (India) english_india
English (Ireland) english_ireland
English (Malaysia) english_my
English (Nigeria) english_nigeria
English (Singapore) english_sg
English (Taiwan) english_tw
English (South Africa) english_za
Ukrainian ukrainian
Urdu (Pakistan) urdu
Vietnamese vietnamese