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Terming Based on Language and URL

Often in multi-language surveys, you will want to verify that respondents are actually from the locations that their URL states.  In this example, we can terminate a respondent if their answer to a location question does not match their URL. This tutorial is organized in a series of steps to create a terminate based on language and URL. 

Step 1: Create a Location Question

To get started, create a single select location question in your project.  In the example below, the location question is s1 and includes country answer options for all languages that we plan to include in the project.  


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Step 2: Adding Multiple Languages to Your Project 

After programming your survey, you will need to add in the appropriate languages, so they can be referenced from within the logic GUI.  Add the languages using the Language Manager.  

To access the Language Manager, select "Languages" under the Build Menu or from the testing toolbar.  


Click "+Language" to add a new language to your project:

Use the drop down menu to select the appropriate language and then click "Add Language" to finalize the change:  

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Step 3: Create Custom Sample Sources

Once the languages are in place, you will need to create custom sample sources for each language. 

Click Sample Sources in the question tree, and then select "+Add New Sample Source."

Select "Custom Sample Source" from the Sample Source Manager and click "Insert" to add it to your project. 


Create one sample source per language as shown below. Update the Sample Source Name to reflect the language that corresponds with that sample source.  

2_complete (1).png

Learn more: Setup Custom Sample Sources

Step 4: Configure Survey URL's

The next step in this process is to assign sample sources to particular languages.  You can do by accessing the  "Project Summary" under the Test Menu.  

Click the link to open the grid and configure the survey URL's for the project.  Assign each of the sample sources that you setup to the appropriate language, using the grid as shown below. 


Click update to save your changes and then exit the project summary.  

Learn more: Project Summary

Step 5: Create the Terminate

Now that the sources are assigned to the appropriate language, they can then be accessed in the logic editor for use in the Terminate Element. 

Add a terminate element from the structural tab in the Survey Element manger by clicking "+Add Survey Element" at the bottom of the stage. 

Note: the terminate element will need to be placed after the location question created at Step 1 and a page break.  


Next create the term by updating the terminate element title on the stage and using the right options panel to create a new condition.  


In the logic editor, use the drop down to create the condition for the term.  

In the example below, we want to terminate respondents if they enter our survey from sample source France and if they do not select France in s1 (our location question).  

Note: repeat this process accordingly for each sample source and language pair in your survey.  


Click save to finalize the condition for termination.  

Learn more: Terminate Element

Step 6: Test the Terminate

Manually test your survey to make sure it's working as expected.  

Learn more: Testing an Online Survey

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