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Row Tag: Create Rows

1:  Overview

The <row> element can be added to any question type to expand the number selections available in a question. For example:

<checkbox label="Q1" atleast="1">
  <title>Which of the following brands are you aware of?</title>
  <row label="r1">Brand 1</row>
  <row label="r2">Brand 2</row>
  <row label="r3">Brand 3</row>
  <row label="r4">Brand 4</row>

The code above produces the following result:

2:  Attributes

In addition to the Cell Attributes available, the <row> element has access to the following attributes:

2.1:  legend - Set the Row's Legend Position

The legend attribute can be set to "default", "right", "both" or "none" to control which side the row's legend text is presented.

By default, legend="default" is set and the row text will appear on the left side.

For example:

<radio label="Q1" optional="0">
  <title>Radio Question</title>
  <row label="r1">Row 1</row>
  <row label="r2" legend="right">Row 2</row>
  <row label="r3" legend="both">Row 3</row>
  <row label="r4" legend="none">Row 4</row>

The code above produces the following result:

As shown below, if we specify legend="right" for all of the <row> elements, the legend text will appear on the right side only:

<radio label="Q1" optional="0">
  <title>Radio Question</title>
<row label="r1" legend="right">Row 1</row>
<row label="r2" legend="right">Row 2</row>
<row label="r3" legend="right">Row 3</row>
<row label="r4" legend="right">Row 4</row>

Use the question attribute, rowLegend, to override the placement of row legends across the entire question.

2.2:  rightLegend - Set the Row's Right Legend Text

The rightLegend attribute controls the text to display on the right legend of a question.

This attribute only applies if legend is set to right or both.

For example:

<radio label="Q1" optional="0">
  <title>Which of the following do you prefer?</title>
  <col label="c1">This</col>
  <col label="c2">That</col>
  <row label="r1" legend="both" rightLegend="Dog">Cat</row>
  <row label="r2" legend="both" rightLegend="Coke">Pepsi</row>
  <row label="r3" legend="both" rightLegend="Rollerblades">Skateboards</row>

The code above produces the following result:

The rightLegend attribute is often used with the Left Right Shuffle question style.

3:  What's Next?

<row> elements can be shown conditionally based on a number of variables. Learn more about Adding Condition/Skip Logic.