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Customizing the Rank Sort Element

The rank sort question allows visually ranking items where the top of the rank labels is the highest rank and the bottom of the rank labels is the lowest rank on desktop. On mobile, rank labels are shown next to ranked items. A rankable item can be assigned to only one rank and each rank label can have a maximum of one ranked item. The question can be customized for desktop and mobile.

1:  Underlying Question Architecture

The rank sort question uses a select (i.e., drop-down) question, where the ranks are the choices and the rankable items are the rows. The question style allows shuffling of rows and noanswers options. The question style does not support open-ended answer fields.

2:  Converting to Rank Sort

The rank sort question requires:

  • a survey with compat 129+
  • at least 2 choices
  • at least 2 rows
  • the minRanks attribute.

To apply the rank sort question style to a select question add uses="ranksort.4" to the question tag.  The current version of ranksort is the number added after ranksort. when adding the question via Builder.  It is recommended to add the question via Builder so that the most current version number is applied and customize via the XML.  If your survey has a lower number than the current version the question was created before a new version was released.  If the survey is in testing the version number can be changed to the current version.  If the survey is LIVE it is not recommended to change the version as this could break the question style.

Note: To reference the latest ranksort version, click here.

Example XML

<select label="Q1" minRanks="6" optional="1" shuffle="rows" unique="none,cols" uses="ranksort.4">
<title>Please rank the top 6 most important backpack contents order of 1="most important" to "least important."</title>
<choice label="ch1">Rank 1st</choice>
<choice label="ch2">Rank 2nd</choice>
<choice label="ch3">Rank 3rd</choice>
<choice label="ch4">Rank 4th</choice>
<choice label="ch5">Rank 5th</choice>
<choice label="ch6">Rank 6th</choice>
<row label="r1">Body Wash, Liquid Soap, Facial Cleanser</row>
<row label="r2">Hair Gel (for female troops to pull hair back)</row>
<row label="r3">Combs / Brushes / Bobby Pins (in original packaging, please)</row>
<row label="r4">Deodorant (travel size)</row>
<row label="r5">Shaving Cream in Tubes / Shaving Soap (No CANS of Shaving Cream!)</row>
<row label="r6">Lip Balm / Chap Stick / Carmex / Blistex</row>
<row label="r7">Hand &amp; Body Lotion / Moisturizer (travel size)</row>
<row label="r8">Sunblock, SPF 45, Zinc, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera Gel</row>
<row label="r9">Bug Spray / DEET / Skin-So-Soft</row> 
<row label="r10">Mouthwash (travel size)</row> 
<noanswer label="n1">Don't know</noanswer> 
<noanswer label="n2">Prefer not to say</noanswer> 

3:  Survey Theme

Colors selected in the dynamic section of the survey theme will apply with a survey compat 115+ and are applied to the rank sort question as shown below.

Font - Default

  • The rankable item text.
  • The noanswer option text.
  • The mobile rankable item text.
  • The mobile noanswer option text.

Font - Selected

  • The rankable item hovered/ranked text.
  • The noanswer option hovered/selected text.
  • The rankable item text when dragged from the original list.
  • The placeholder text when a rankable item is dragged into the rank label.
  • The add/remove/rank icon background/border.
  • The mobile ranked item text.
  • The mobile noanswer option selected text.
  • The mobile rank icon.

Background - Default

  • The rankable item background/border.
  • The container boxshadow.
  • The mobile rankable item background/border.
  • The mobile noanswer option background/border.

Background - Selected

  • The rankable item background/border when hovered/ranked.
  • The noanswer option background/border when hovered/selected.
  • The rankable item background/border when dragged from the original list.
  • The placeholder background/border when a rankable item is sorted into the rank label.
  • The rankable items container box shadow when hovered.
  • The add/remove/rank icon.
  • The mobile ranked item background/border.
  • The mobile noanswer option background/border when ranked.
  • The mobile rank icon background/border.

4:  Desktop

The desktop rank sort question provides two types of user interaction and various options for customizing the style. Options include customization for the rankable items, rank label, containers, hover and selected states as well as when dragging rankable items to the rank labels and dragging ranked items back to the original location.

4.1:  Click Interaction

When a rankable item is hovered, an add icon and the next available rank number is shown to indicate the rank number that would be assigned to the rankable item when clicked. When the rankable item has been ranked and is hovered, a remove icon will be shown when hovered over and clicking the ranked item will remove it from the rank.

4.2:  Drag and Drop Interaction

Rankable items can be dragged and dropped on the rank labels. Once ranked, the rankable items can be sorted by dragging the rankable items up and down over the rank labels. To remove a ranked item, drag and drop the item to its original location.

4.3:  Options

The options allow for configuration of the rank label numbers (auto-generated) and rank label text (generated by the ranks or choice text). The options will determine if the respondent will see a rank number next to the container, text in the container, both or none.

  • ranksort:showBucketText
    • Toggles showing rank label text
    • Type: Bool.  0 = HIDE, 1 = SHOW, default=1.
    • Exampleranksort:showBucketText="0" hides rank (choice) label text.  
  • ranksort:showBucketNumber?
    • Toggles showing rank label number
    • Type: Bool.  0 = HIDE, 1 = SHOW, default=1.
    • Exampleranksort:showBucketNumber="0" hides the rank (choice) label number.  

4.4:  Advance Customization (CSS)

The destktop rank sort question can be customized by modifying the CSS in the XML. Each style variable is prepended with ranksort:. For example, ranksortContainerCSS becomes ranksort:ranksortContainerCSS to customize the desktop styling. The preview will highlight with a red border the desktop section that can be customized.

Click on the  to preview.


XML Style Variable Description Example
ranksortContainerCSS   The container for all elements.    
cardsContainerCSS   The container for the rankable items. ranksort:cardsContainerCSS= "-webkit-border-radius: 10px; border-radius: 10px;" will add rounded corners.  
cardCSS   The rankable item. ranksort:cardCSS=" background:#00c3bd; border-color:#aaa; width:120px; height: 220px; -webkit-border-radius: 10px; border-radius: 10px;" will change the rankable item width and height; change the background to a turquoise with a grey border and rounded corners.  
cardHoverCSS   The rankable items when hovered. ranksort:cardHoverCSS= "margin-top:-10px; margin-bottom: 30px; color: #fe7f03; font-weight: bold; background: #007F7A; border-color: #007F7A; -webkit-box-shadow: 1px 1px 5px 5px rgba(254,127,3,.5); box-shadow: 1px 1px 5px 5px rgba(254,127,3,.5);" will move the rankable item up, change the font color to an orange, the background color to a teal with a teal border and a orange transparent drop shadow.  
cardDroppedCSS   The rankable items shown inside the rank. ranksort:cardDroppedCSS=" background:#007F7A; border-color:#aaa;" will change the background color to a teal with a grey border.  
cardStateDisabledCSS   The disabled rankable item .    
cardDroppedStateDisabledCSS   The ranked items after being ranked. ranksort:cardDroppedStateDisabledCSS= "background: #aaa; opacity: .4; margin: 10px; font-weight: normal;" changes the background color to grey with added transparency.  
bucketsCSS   The container for the ranking. ranksort:bucketCSS= "border-color:#007F7A; width:120px; height: 220px;" will change the bucket width,height and the dashed line outline of the rank buckets to a teal.  
bucketsContainerCSS   The container for rank labels.    
numbersContainerCSS   The container for rank numbers.    
bucketCSS   The rank label container where the rankable items can be dropped.    
bucketTextCSS   The rank label text where the rankable items can be dropped.    
bucketNumberCSS   The rank label number container.    
bucketNumberTextCSS   The rank label number. ranksort:bucketNumberTextCSS= "color:#007F7A; font-weight: bold;" will change the rank numbers to a bold teal.  
noanswersContainerCSS   The container for noanswer option(s).    
noanswerCSS   The exclusive noanswer option(s). ranksort:noanswerCSS= "-webkit-border-radius: 5px; border-radius: 5px;" will add rounded corners.  
noanswerHoverCSS   The exclusive noanswer option when hovered. ranksort:noanswerHoverCSS= "color: #fe7f03; font-weight: bold; background: #007F7A;" will change the text color to an bold orange and background color to a teal.  
noanswerSelectedCSS   The noanswer option when selected. ranksort:noanswerSelectedCSS= "background:#aaa; border-color:#007F7A;" will change the background to a grey and add a teal border.  
uiDraggableHelperCSS   The rankable item when dragged from the rankable item container. ranksort:uiDraggableHelperCSS= "color: #fe7f03; font-weight: bold; background: #007F7A; border-color: #aaa; width: 120px; height: 220px; -webkit-border-radius: 10px; border-radius: 10px;" will change the helper to a bold orange text, a custom width and height, a teal background with round corners and grey border .  
uiSortablePlaceholderCSS   The placeholder when a rankable item is dragged into the rank label. ranksort:uiSortablePlaceholderCSS= "background: #007F7A; border-color: #007F7A;" will add teal background and border.  
uiSortableHelperCSS   The ranked item when dragged out of the rank label to be sorted or removed.    
uiDroppableActiveCSS   The rankable items container when ranked items are sorted. ranksort:uiDroppableActiveCSS= "-webkit-box-shadow: 1px 1px 5px 3px rgba(0,195,189,.3); box-shadow: 1px 1px 5px 3px rgba(0,195,189,.3);" will add a transparent turquoise box shadow.  
uiDroppableHoverCSS   The rankable items container when ranked items are dragged to rankable items container. ranksort:uiDroppableHoverCSS= "-webkit-box-shadow: 1px 1px 5px 5px rgba(0,195,189,.5); box-shadow: 1px 1px 5px 5px rgba(0,195,189,.5);" will add a turquoise box shadow.  
iconAddCSS   The add icon shown when a rankable item is hovered.    
iconRemoveCSS   The remove icon shown when a ranked item is hovered.    
iconRankCSS   The next rank icon when a rankable item is hovered.    

5:  Mobile

The mobile version of the rank sort is optimized for the smaller screen by having a list of rankable items and displaying the rank label next to the rankable item when selected.

5.1:  Tap/Click Interaction

Taping on a rankable item will assign the next available rank label. The ranked item will animate and slide to right. The rank is then shown to the left of the ranked item. Rankable items can be tapped on the rank to choose a specific rank. If there are multiple items with the same ranking, an error is generated when trying to proceed to the next page. The duplicated ranked items will have a red border which can be customized.

5.2:  Advance Customization (CSS)

The mobile rank sort question can be customized by modifying the CSS in the XML. Each style variable is prepended with ranksort:mobile_. For example, ranksortContainerCSS becomes ranksort:mobile_ranksortContainerCSS to customize the mobile styling. The preview will highlight with a red border the mobile section that can be customized.

Click on the  to preview.


XML Style Variable Customize the appearance of the:
ranksortContainerCSS   The mobile container for all elements.
cardsContainerCSS   The container for the mobile rankable items.
cardCSS   The mobile rankable items.
cardDroppedCSS   The mobile: rankable item dropped CSS.
cardDupeCSS   The mobile duplicate ranked items.
noanswersContainerCSS   The mobile container for noanswer option(s).
noanswerCSS   The mobile exclusive noanswer option(s).
noanswerSelectedCSS   The mobile exclusive noanswer option when selected.
iconRankCSS   The mobile icon rank

6:  References

Note: The rank sort question style overrides page.head, question.after and survey.question.instructions in XML styles