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Audit Logs


Every project has a number of audit events that are logged into a database. Accessing the log files vary depending on the events they capture. Here's a list to a few of the different audit logs available:

Project Applications (Access via Web Browser)
Path to Logs Description
https://v2.decipherinc.com/admin/users/audit-survey/PROJECT/PATH Interesting project events
https://v2.decipherinc.com/admin/users/audit/USER-ID# Interesting user events
https://v2.decipherinc.com/admin/vc/list?file=PROJECT/PATH/FILE Project version control
https://v2.decipherinc.com/admin/sst/list?survey=PROJECT/PATH Test data history


Project Directory (Access via Command Line)

  Requires Decipher Cloud

Path to Logs Description
/project/path/survey.log Interesting survey events
/project/path/report.log Report viewing events
/project/path/quota.xls.log Quota marker events
/project/path/data/exit.log Respondent exit events
/project/path/mail/*.report Email send events

1: User Audit Logs

Your personal audit log can be accessed by clicking View Audit Log in the menu shown after clicking your profile picture in the upper-right of the Research Hub.

To access a teammates audit log, visit your company's page and click on their username to access a menu with an Audit Log link available. You may also click on the timestamp reflecting their Last Login date.

The following events are logged per user:

  • viewing/deleting a report
  • viewing/deleting an extra report
  • downloading data
  • access to project data editor
  • edits made to project data
  • password changes
  • successful and bad login attempts
  • logout (if the user clicked "Logout")
  • modifications to the company's permissions
  • disabling/enabling or editing a user account
  • creating a new account

2: Project Audit Logs

Use the table above to access various audit logs related to your project. Replace "project/path" with the actual path to your project (e.g. selfserve/9d3/proj1234). The following events are logged per project:

  • respondent information
    • entering/exiting the survey
    • status (e.g. qualified, terminated, overquota)
    • duplicate attempts
    • quota markers set
    • variables passed into the URL sample source URLs
  • file edits made
  • data edits made
  • test data history
  • users viewing reports
  • data downloads and generation
  • project copies made
  • survey status (e.g. live, closed, testing)
  • various other debugging information
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