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Change Management and Version Control System

1:  Overview

The system will automatically log changes made to project files, including:

  • survey.xml
  • styles/nstyles
  • mail/email.txt
  • dashboards.json
  • reports.json
  • layouts.json
  • LANGUAGE.xml

It may take up to 5 minutes for the change log to update after a change.

When a change is made to any of these files, the previous version of the file is automatically stored in the database. Using the version control/change management system, you can see when, what and who changed the file along with the ability to revert any files to a previous version.

The terms version control and change management are interchangeable.

2:  Accessing the Version Control System

The version control system can be accessed from the   project menu drop down. Click "Version Control" located beneath the "Reports" column to access an individual project's version control.


Take a look at the URL this redirects you to:


You can update the ?file= parameter to reference any project file for any project that you have permissions to access. (e.g. selfserve/9d3/proj1234/nstyles)

3:  Version Control URL & Descriptions

To access the version control system for a specific project file, use the following URL scheme:


Staff only: a global list of changes can be viewed here.

Here's a glimpse of what the version control system will display:

A quick description of each column.

Column Description
Path The path to the project containing the file that has been updated. Will redirect to the report page if clicked.
File The name of the file that has been altered. Will download the version of the file if clicked.
When The timestamp relative to the modified date of that version of the file.
Who The username of the person who made the edit. The user, "jaminb", represents a change made using the survey builder.
Changes Displays the number of lines added (+) and removed (-). A side-by-side comparison of the changes made will be shown if clicked.

4:  Version Control Changes

When viewing file changes after clicking a link under the "Changes" column, you'll see something similar to:


Highlighted in green on the right side is the text that replaced the text highlighted in red on the left side. The left side represents the old and the right represents the new.

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