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reCaptcha Integration


You can use the Logic Library to integrate a survey with Google's human verification system, reCaptcha

This can be done using either the "Google Recaptcha" element in the Survey Editor or the "recaptcha" logic node in the survey XML.

Using the Survey Editor  

To add reCaptcha verification using the Survey Editor, click "+ Add Survey Element" under the staging area:


In the Element Library, click "Custom" and select the "Google Recaptcha" element from the list. Then click "Insert":


The new element will appear in the staging area. It consists of four separate selectable elements in the element tree:


ln13: The reCaptcha configuration panel.

ln13_h: The messaging respondents will see for a successful validation.

ln13_nh: The messaging respondents will see for an unsuccessful validation.

ln13_results:  A single-select hidden question tracking the counts for successful and unsuccessful attempts.

If desired, you can enter the site key and secret key codes you received from Google into the appropriate text-boxes in the "New Recaptcha" element (ln13):


Additionally, you can adjust the text provided within the two comment elements (ln13_h, ln_nh) or the hidden question (ln13_results).

Using the XML 

To include reCaptcha verification in a survey, you will need to add a <logic> tag to your survey XML, specifying both a label and uses="recaptcha.1":

<logic uses="recaptcha.1" label="recaptcha"/>

Additionally, you can include the following HTML code to add success/failure messaging to your reCaptcha:

<html cond="recaptcha.human" label="h1">
You are human
<html cond="not recaptcha.human" label="h2" final="1">
You are not human!

As soon as the survey encounters the recaptcha.1 logic node, it will stop executing and present the respondent with a Google reCaptcha test:

recaptcha image.png

The text "I'm not a robot" displays in the respondent's browser-selected language, along with the reCaptcha logo. After clicking the check-box, the respondent may be presented with a number of images, where certain selection responses are required - in the example below, the user is asked to select images featuring sandwiches: 

recaptcha image 2.png

This check is not always performed; Google attaches persistent data to each browser that tracks whether the respondent has seen a reCaptcha test on any other page.

How it Works

After the user submits the page, FocusVision servers contact Google to independently verify the user's claim. You can call recaptcha.human in your survey to check whether the user was confirmed.

If you are running simulated data, there is a 90% chance that recaptcha.human is True. Google's servers are not contacted when running simulated data.

reCaptcha is only usable on decipherinc.com and focusvision.com domains. If you would like to add reCaptcha to a survey on another domain, please contact your Account Manager or support team for assistance.

Alternatively, you can sign up for your own reCaptcha account to use on any domain. Once you sign up for reCaptcha, Google will issue you both a "site key" and a "secret" code. To start using your reCaptcha tests, add the following logic tag to your survey, specifying these two values as provided within your Google site:

<logic uses="recaptcha.1"
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