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Imperium RelevantID Integration


Imperium's RelevantID is a third-party service which supports advanced fraud detection and data quality. RelevantID gathers data from respondents' computers and uses deterministic algorithms to create a unique fingerprint of each computer. These fingerprints are used in surveys to identify respondents and prevent them from “gaming” questions.

This functionality is achieved without the knowledge of the respondent and therefore no consent is required. There are no client-side application downloads of any kind and no personally identifiable information is gathered.

You can use the Logic Library to add RelevantID to your survey. This can be done using either the "Imperium RelevantID Integration" element in the Survey Editor or the "relevantid" logic node in the survey XML.

Using the Survey Editor  

To add RelevantID verification using the Survey Editor, click "+ Add Survey Element" under the staging area:


In the Element Library, click "Custom" and select the "Imperium RelevantID Integration" element from the list. Then click "Insert":


The new element will appear in the staging area, where you can specify the settings for your integration:


The following options are configurable:

Client ID: Your client ID as provided by Imperium.

Panelist ID: The unique ID for each respondent (e.g., ${uuid}).

Survey ID: The ID for the survey you would like to use.

Geographic Codes: The GeoCodes for GeoIP verification.

Verity ID: The Verity ID for each respondent. If specified, then the geolocation fraud check will be performed and its flag set.

Using the XML

To include Imperium's fingerprinting functionality in a survey using the RelevantID logic node, you will need to add the following <logic> tag to your survey XML: 

<logic label="relevantid"
relevantid:ClientID = "your client id"
relevantid:PanelistID = "the panelist id"
relevantid:SurveyID = "the survey id"

To avoid showing respondents a blank screen within the survey, the logic tag should be added to the same page as another survey question.

A suspend will automatically be added after the logic node along with a hidden text question,<label>_result, with the results. If there was a problem, there is an error row in the hidden question that will be populated.

In addition to the hidden question, the results will be stored in a persistent variable based on your logic node label, p.client_<label>.  In the example above, on the next page p.client_relevantid would contain the results of the logic node.


Required Attributes

The following attributes are required for the logic node to function properly:

  • ClientID -  Unique ID assigned to client by Imperium
  • PanelistID -  Panelist ID - this can be a unique identifier from the survey
  • SurveyID -  Survey ID

Optional Attributes

  • GeoCodes -  Physical addresses segmented by county, MSA, and postal route
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