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Project Settings Summary

The project settings window allows you to quickly review and adjust the general settings for your survey.

1:  Accessing the Project Settings

The project summary can be accessed within the stage or in the research hub, by selecting "Project Summary" in the "Build" menu of the project controls:

2:  Project Settings Summary

The "Summary" displays the current settings for each category. Click on the title for a category to edit the settings, or use the summary menu found at the top of the window.

Click on the link for more details about each setting.

  • 1:  Summary Menu:  Allows you to quickly navigate to each type of setting.
  • 2:  Project Settings:  Allows you to modify the general settings, including the name used in the portal, the location, the primary language, and the project path.
  • 3:  Display Settings:  Allows you to modify the look of your survey, including the logo, theme and support footer.
  • 4:  Device Settings:  Allows you to define the mobile compatibility for your survey. We detect the respondent's device type and based on that, the respondent can be terminated or presented with an experience enhanced for their particular device type.
  • 5:  Field Settings:  Allows you to manage how your survey will function in field.
  • 6:  Question Settings:  Allows you to apply global settings for each question type in your survey.
  • 7:  Close:  Once the project settings have been reviewed and any desired changes have been made, click "Close" to close the window and begin building your survey.