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Project Settings


The general settings for your project can be modified in the Project Settings menu.

Accessing Project Settings

The project settings menu allows you to quickly review and adjust the general settings for your survey. It automatically appears when you create and name a new survey, but can also be accessed from the Survey Editor or research hub.

To view the settings for your survey, first click "Project Settings" under "Build" in the project controls menu:


Then select "Project Settings" from the drop-down or click "Project Settings" in blue:


Project Settings Overview

In the Project Settings menu, the general settings for your project can be modified, including the following:


1. Project Name: The name used for your survey in the portal. Respondents do not see this name.

2. Portal Location: The directory or subdirectory in which your survey should be stored.

3. Project Path: The URL path to the survey. Click the text in blue to change the project number (alphanumeric ID code) for your survey. 

Only supervisors are permitted to modify project paths.

4. Primary Language: The default language for your survey. Select a language from the drop-down or click "Edit Languages" to access the Language Manager.

Once you are satisfied with your settings, click "Save" to save and apply them to your survey.

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