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Language Selector Element

This document provides an overview of and implementation information for the Language Selector element.


The Language Selector element allows a respondent to select the language in which they would like to take a survey. Languages are shown based on the declared languages within the Language Manager for that survey, and each language is shown in its own translated form.

1: Adding the Language Selector

The Language Selector element can be added to any survey using the Survey Editor. To insert a Language Selector element, simply add a new survey element, select the "Standard" tab and choose "Language Selector". Then click "Insert":

The Language Selector element comes with default question and instruction text. You can select each text box to edit these fields or just leave them as is. The row options will be auto-populated with language choices based on any declared languages already set within your survey, and these values will be locked down.

To add or remove a language, or to see a list of the languages available within your survey, click on the “Open Language Manager” link located within the Language Selector element settings pane:

You can also add more than one Language Selector element to any survey, but you will want to ensure proper placement of multiple Language Selector elements within the question tree.

Note: All questions listed after a Language Selector element will be shown in the language respondents select at that question, so we would recommend adding any intentionally untranslated questions before any Language Selector elements.

2: What Respondents See

The Language Selector element is dynamic and any declared languages will be automatically translated to appear in their native form. This means that regardless of what primary language you are using in your survey, respondents will be able to read their language as provided in the Language Selector element:

This also means that all default instruction, button, and support link text shown after the Language Selector element will appear in the language they select there:

Note: All question and option text, as well as customized instruction text will still need to be translated manually. Click here for more information on managing survey translations.

3: Reporting

The Language Selector element records respondent data, and respondent language selection is tracked in reporting. You can find all language selection data within the standard language tracker table near the end of any Decipher report (typically labeled vdecLang):

Like any other report table, the language tracker table can be transposed, split, or exported from within Crosstabs.

For more information on viewing and editing Crosstabs tables, click here.

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