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Saving to the Element Library

1:  About Saving to the Element Library

The element library is a place where you can store commonly used elements for future use in your current survey or other projects. It allows you to save:

  • the entire question
  • multiple questions to create a template
  • answer options or text that contain images
  • text that contains a pipe (e.g., "[pipe:q1]")
  • block elements
  • python logic in an exec statement

2:  Saving Questions or Elements

When saving questions or elements to the library, you can save:

  • Single questions or elements. Single elements are displayed under the Elements tab in the library.
  • Multiple questions or elements to create a template. Multiple elements that you save are displayed under the Templates tab in the library.  For example, you might want to save a group screener questions to create a template for re-use.

2.1:  Saving a Single Question or Element

To save a single question or element, first display the question in the builder's stage, then click "Save to Library".

2.2:  Saving Multiple Questions or Elements

To save a multiple questions or elements, first select two or more elements from the question tree. Click to make your first select and then press the CTRL or SHIFT key and then click to make additional selections. Then select "Save Template to Library."

3: Specifying Save Options for Elements

Enter a name and add tags (optional) for this element or template For multiple tags, press "Enter" after adding each one.

Next setup element/template sharing as described below.

3.1:  Sharing

When saving an element or an answer set to the library, you can specify how this element is shared. Users can add elements they can view to a survey. By default, sharing is set to "Off."

To specify sharing select:

Setting Shared With View/Edit
Off No one View: Only you
Edit: Only you
Users Specific users specified by their email address View: You and specified users
Edit: You and specified users
Company All users in your company View: You and all users in your company
Edit: Only you
Global (staff only), if available All users on the server View: You and all users on the server
Edit: Only you

Note: Sharing a locked element globally cannot be undone without assistance from your account manager.

3.2: Advanced Settings for Elements

If you want to assign a different id or lock this element/template, click the "Advanced Settings" link, the dialog expands for you to enter your settings.

Enter a different ID or lock the element as described below and then click "Save."

3.2.1:  Element ID

The element ID is unique across the server and can be used to reference an element in the question library API.  You can specify a different id here, if desired.

3.2.2:  Lock

Select to lock the element, if needed.  A locked element:

  • Cannot be deleted from the library.  This ensures that any surveys in the field using the element are not broken.
  • When inserted into a survey can not generally be edited.  A semi-transparent overlay displays on locked elements in a survey as a reminder. However, attributes such as the label, "show if logic", and "answer piping" can be edited so that logic can be updated as necessary for consistency. 
  • Has a library XML attribute added and set to equal the unique element ID. However, you can specify a different one.
    <radio label="q10" library="gH198zky" optional="0">

For best practices, make sure an element is finalized before adding it to the library in a "locked" state.  Locked elements can't be deleted from the library. 

4:  Saving Answer Options

To save a set of answer options, first setup the question, then click on "Answer Actions" and select "Save Answers to Library".

Enter a name and add tags (optional), then click "Save". For multiple tags, press "Enter" after adding each one. 

Next setup element sharing. Sharing specifies who may view and edit the answers. By default, sharing is set to "Off." Click here for detailed information about the settings.

4.1:  Advanced Setting for Answers

If you want to assign a different id for these answers, click the "Advanced Settings" link, and the dialog expands.

Enter a different ID.  The  ID is unique across the server.

Note: Answers saved to the library may not be locked. That feature is available only when saving the complete element to the library.