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Importing Answer Options From the Library


It is possible for you to reuse answer options you have saved to the Element Library. This includes answer options you have saved in your current survey, as well as those you have saved from any previous surveys within your company.

Importing Answer Options From the Library

To insert answer options that have been saved in the element library, first add a new element. Then click "Row Actions" and select "Import Rows":


Use the same process for adding previously saved column and choice answers.

The Element Library provides many ways to search for an answer set. Click here for a description of the features available for answers in the Element Library.

Click a saved element to view the answer options. Once you've selected the answers you want to use in your survey, click "Add to Survey".


The answer options retain the labels they had when they were originally added to the library. To edit the labels after the answers from the library have been added to a survey, select the row, column or choice so the options appear in the right panel. Then enter a new label.