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About Answer Actions

The answer actions are available for rows, columns or choices and vary by question type and setup. This example shows the "Row Actions" menu in a multi-select question.

1:  Import Answers

Allows you to import answer options from the library. This includes the standard industry answer options and any answers you've saved to the library.

Learn more:  Import Answers

2:  Save to Library

Allows you to save the answer options to the library.

Learn more:  Saving Answers to Library

3:  Copy All Answer Text

Allows you to copy all of the answers in a question for use in another question.

Learn more:  Copying All Answer Text

4:  Answer Group

Allows you to add single-dimension grouping in question elements. You can then shuffle the attributes within a group, shuffle multiple groups and/or include headers for the groups.

Learn more:  Adding Answer Groups

5:  Answer Piping

Allows you to show the answer options from one question in another question, based on what the respondent selects (or does not select).

Learn more:  Answer Piping

6:  Reverse Values

Each answer is represented by a value in the dataset, used for data downloads and calculations (mean, median) in reporting. To view the values in the survey builder, click on "View Options" and select "Show Data Values".

Reversing the values may be useful in cases where your scale direction is positive to negative, for example 10 - Completely Satisfied to 1 - Not at All Satisfied. Normally, these would get values 1-10 in the order programmed, but using the "Reverse Data Values" would assign them the expected values of 10-1.

7:  Reset Values

When answers are dragged into a new position, the values automatically update to the new order. However, if the "Data Value" field is manually updated, this action allows you to reset the values to their original order.

8:  Reset Labels

Allows you to reset the labels to their original order.

9:  Delete All Answers

Delete the rows, columns or choices in the question.

10:  Edit All Answers

Allows you to edit all of the rows, columns or choices at once. For example, make all answers bold.