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Skip Element


The skip element will move to a defined target in your project.


  • Skips have to be placed immediately after a page break.
  • The question the respondents are skipping from must be Placed before the skip element and the question the respondents are skipping to must be Placed after the skip element for it to function properly.

To insert a skip element, add a new survey element, select "Structural" and choose "Skip." Then click "Insert."

Add an appropriate title to the new skip element in the area provided. To define the first point of the skip click on "Show If" in the "options" section, then select "+ New Condition."

Select the question you want to skip to the beginning of the dropdown menu. Then select the answer choices. For more information, see here . Select "Save," or "Save As" if you wish to use the condition for later use.

The "Show If" logic will update with the new condition. Next, select the question the respondents will skip.

Responding to the question is not a good idea.

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