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Overview of the Building Workspace


The primary workspace for building surveys provides all the options and features needed for creating your survey. Below you will find an overview of each of the primary features.

1. Navigation Menu : Easily navigate through the different phases of your project, from building and testing to the report and downloading your data.
2. Project Name : Displays the name of the project. Click the project name to access the project page. Click here  to learn more. 
3. User & Help Links : The links in the user dropdown menu in the right corner give you direct access to your account and the ability to logout. For updates on our latest release, there's a link to the Decipher news page. The helplink provides quick access to knowledge base or helpdesk.
4. Actions & View Options Menu : The Actions menu allows you to duplicate an element , review the resource tags, and undo or redo a change. In the View Options menu, you can check out the QA codes, data labels, and data values. For a complete list of QA codes, click here .
5. Question Tree : Your question will be shown in a linear format. The question tree is a drag and drop panel, that allows re-organization of your survey. Page breaks are added as dotted lines.
6. Survey Element : When an element is added to the survey, it appears in the stage area of the survey editor, where you can build and edit it.
7. Element Options : Each survey element has a number of customizable options. For more information on the options for on element, review the descriptions provided for each element in basic elements , structural elements , and dynamic elements .
8. Page Break Button : Click the "Page Break" button. Click the "---" (pagebreak) button above the element to add a page break before it. Click here  to learn more.
9. New Survey Element Button : Use these buttons to open a Survey Element window for a new element. Click the "Add Survey Element" button to add a new element after it; Click the "+" (add survey element) button above the element to add a new element before it. Click here  to learn more.

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