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Adding a Question or Element

1:  Choose the Location

To add a question in the survey builder, click "Add Survey Element". If your survey already contains questions, you may add elements before or after the element in the stage.

2:  Select the Question/Element

1.  Choose the type of question or element:

  • All question types
    • Standard
    • Rating Specific
    • Open-Ends
    • Dynamic
    • Multimedia
    • Special Method
  • Structural Elements
  • Custom Elements
  • Library Questions & Elements
  • Favorites: Questions marked as favorites (i.e., starred)
  • Recent: Recently used

2.  Select the desired question or element.

3.  Provides a description of the selected question or element with an example.

  • Learn more: Click to jump to the knowledge base documentation
  • Demo: Click to view a demo of the selected element
  • Star: Click on the star to mark as favorite

4.  Insert the selected question or element.

3:  Setup the Question/Element

Setup varies for each question/element. Click here for detailed information about each question and element.

Tip:  The smart labels are based on the most recent label assigned to the question or answers. By default the labels are lowercase (e.g., r1), but if you enter R1, the next label will be R2. This is helpful for assigning screener questions (e.g., S1) or demographic questions (e.g., D1), and much more.

1.  Enter the question text and instructions.

2.  Click "New Row" or "New Column" (depending on the type of question) to add answers.

3.  Style and format the question or answer text.
     Learn more: Text Style & Formatting Options

4.  Question settings and actions:

  • Style Settings:  Vary by question. Hover-over any option for a description, or locate the documentation on a specific question type.
  • Save to Library:  Save the question to the library for use in future projects.
    Learn more: Element Library
  • Preview:  Click to preview the element.
    Learn more:  Preview a Question

5.  Question and answer configuration options:  Vary by question type and setup, review the documentation for your question type for specific options.

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