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Previewing a Question

1:  Opening the Question in Preview Mode

Preview allows you to view a question as the respondent will see it.

To preview an element, click on the "Preview" link located in the top right corner of the element.

The preview of the element opens in a new tab in your browser.

Note: The preview displays the best approximation for the selected device.  In some cases, especially for dynamic questions that use JavaScript, there maybe some differences between the preview display and the display in the actual device.   

The Device Preview functionality applies to new surveys (compat level: 130+).

2:  Previewing on a Tablet or Mobile Device

In the graphic below, the device preview has been set to mobile.  The question now displays as it would to a respondent inside a mobile device. You can scroll through the preview display to view the question.

When previewing in a tablet or mobile device, you can also see how the question displays in a rotated device.  Click   and the device rotates 90 degrees to the right giving you a landscape preview of the question. You can toggle between portrait and landscape views.

Portrait preview

Landscape preview

You can click   again to toggle back to the original preview (portrait preview).

3:  Returning to the Survey Editor

When you are finished previewing the question, click the tab with the survey name to return to return to the survey editor.

If you make changes to the question click on the preview link again to view them. New changes do not automatically appear in a previous preview.

Learn more: If you use Chrome see how to preview different mobile views using the Chrome browser:  Preview Mobile View with Chrome Browser