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Using the Piping Tool


The piping tool allows you to pipe text from a previously selected answer into a question or answer option. The piping tool will allow you to pipe text from a 1-dimensional single-select element, a 1-dimensional select element with only choices, a multi-select element, a text or number element that only has one response field (i.e., one row or one column), or an autofill element. Only questions that appear before the question with the pipe can be used for the pipe.

1: Inserting a Pipe

To pipe text into a question, row, column or choice, click in the text field where you want the pipe to appear. Then click on the pipe tool icon in the text editor.

Select the question that serves as the source of the pipe, then choose what case you want the text to appear in (i.e., original case, lower case, Title Case, or UPPER CASE). Click "Apply" to insert the pipe.

Do not edit or remove anything in the brackets, or the brackets themselves, as doing so will break the pipe element.

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