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Copy Test Template

The copytest survey provides a way to test and develop effective advertising. With this template the researcher can receive feedback on an ad to determine if it is having the desired impact and to learn what the customer likes or dislikes about it. The template includes a video advertisement, but a text description, graphic or audio may be used as well.

A copytest typically consists of three stages: the researcher captures a respondent's baseline state, exposes them to the advertising,  then captures the respondent's post-exposure state, reactions to and recollections of the advertising. Gathering data before and after exposure to the advertising allows the researcher to make some assessment about the changes that the advertising may have brought about in respondent's perceptions.

The copytest template includes the following sections:

  • Screener
  • Initial baseline opinion / interest of brands
  • Exposure to the advertisement
  • Reactions to the ad
    • Did the main message  break through
    • Likes / Dislikes
    • Attributes ratings
  • Opinion / interest of brand (post - ad exposure)
    • Attribute ratings
  • Usage / Buying Behaviors
  • Demographics

1:  Copy Test Template Parameters

The Copy Test template is set up with the following parameters. These may be customized according to the needs of your study.

1.1:  Screener

The following screening criteria has been setup for this template:

  • Head of household
  • Industry screener
  • Ages 18-64
  • Primary purchase decision maker
  • Must properly see / hear the test advertisement in the survey

Screener specifications can be modified to fit the needs of your project.

1.2:  Quotas

The following quotas have been setup for this template:

gender: N =1500, 50% Male, 50% Female

age: N=1500, 15% 18-24, 49% 25-44, 36% 45-64

Quota limit and cells can be modified to fit the needs of your project.

2:  Customizing the Copy Test Template

The Copy Test Template can be modified to meet the needs of your current project by updating the following information in the survey:

2.1:  Industry Name

Replace the "generic industry" placeholder text with the industry name of your current project.

The "generic industry" placeholder text can be found in the following locations:

  • Q2: r3 row text
  • Q5: question text
  • Q6: question text
  • Q7: question text
  • Q8: question text
  • Q27: question text
  • Q28: question text
  • Q29: question text
  • Q30: question text

2.2:  Brand List

Replace the Brand List with the appropriate list of brands for your current project.

The Brand List can be found in the following locations:

  • Q6: row text
  • Q7: row text
  • Q8: row text

2.3:  Advertisements

Q9_audio and Q9 function as a sound check to ensure that respondents' computers are properly set up before they view the advertisement video click in Q10. Q9_audio and Q9 can be deleted if a sound check is not desired.

Replace the sample advertisements Q10 with the advertisements you wish to test in the current study.

Learn More:

2.4:  Sponsored Brand

Replace the "Sponsored Brand" placeholder text with the sponsored brand name of your current project.

The "Sponsored Brand" placeholder text can be found in the following locations:

  • Q21: question text
  • Q22: question text
  • Q23: question text
  • Q26: question text

2.5:  Statements

Replace the Statements placeholder text in the rows of Q25 with the desired statements about the ad.

2.6:  Attributes

Replace the Attributes placeholder text in the rows of Q26 with the desired attributes about the sponsored brand.