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Awareness, Attitude, and Usage Template


The Awareness, Attitude and Usage (AAU) template allows researchers to understand market perceptions of an industry category. This template captures performance metrics for a company’s brands and their competitor's brands to track trends in consumer perception.

1: Template Design

The AAU template includes the following sections:

  • Screener
  • Brand exposure
  • Brand association questions
  • Follow-up questions (e.g. agrees/disagrees with traits) about the brand

The AAU template uses loop logic to allow respondents to rate up to two brands they are familiar with at Q12 and Q13. This means that they answer Q12 and Q13 for the first brand, then the two questions are repeated for them to rate the second brand.

2: Template Parameters

The  AAU template is set up with the following parameters. Each of these may be customized according to the needs of your project.

2.1: Screener

The following screening has been setup for this template:

  • Resides in a NY, LA, Chicago or Miami zip code
    • The template includes a zip code lookup file. When respondents enter a zip code, they get categorized into one of the four desired  regions.
  • 18 years or older
  • Head of household
  • Industry screener

2.2: Quotas

The following quotas have been setup for this template:

  • total Quota
  • City Quota with cells for NY, LA, Chicago, Miami region
    • The template includes a zip code lookup file. When respondents enter a zip code, they get categorized into one of the four desired regions.
  • familiar1 Quota In order to reduce respondent fatigue, this quota limits the number of brands the respondent evaluates. Respondents are randomly assigned to up to 2 brands they are familiar with.
    • When assigned respondents to familiar brands, priority is given to the client’s brand, then the brand with the least fill.

2.3: Industry

Replace the word "generic" with the industry name of your current project:

The "generic" industry placeholder text is found in the following locations in the template:

  • cm0: text
  • S5: row 4
  • Q1: question text
  • Q2: question text
  • Q3: question text
  • Q4: question text
  • Q5: question text
  • Q6: question text
  • Q7: question text
  • Q8: question text
  • Q9: question text
  • Q11: question text
  • Q14: question text
  • Q15: question text
  • Q16: question text

2.4: Company List

Replace the company list with the appropriate list of companies or brands for your current project, ensuring your/your client’s company is listed first:

The company list placeholder text is found in the following locations in the template:

  • vQ1: rows
  • vQ2: rows
  • vQ3: rows
  • vQ4: rows
  • Q5: rows
  • Q6: rows
  • Q7: rows
  • Q8: rows
  • Q9: rows
  • Q10: question text
  • Q11: columns
  • l1: piped variables

2.5: Statements

Replace the "Statement" placeholder text in the rows of Q11 with the desired statements about 
each brand/company:

2.6: Imagery

Replace the "Imagery" placeholder text in the rows of Q12 with the desired imagery to describe the listed brands/companies:

2.7: Traits

Replace the "Trait" placeholder text in the rows of Q13 with the desired traits of the listed