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Keeping Questions Together


For surveys with dependent questions, it may be useful to keep questions displayed together regardless of their submission status. It is possible to force validated questions to appear alongside any unanswered questions using the "Keep With" command in the Survey Editor.

For this method to work, the desired questions must appear on the same page in the editor (i.e., no page break between them).

1: Normal Validation

When a page with multiple questions is submitted (i.e., when the respondent clicks "Continue"), the system will attempt to validate each question on that page. By default, any unanswered questions will be displayed on a follow-up screen for respondents to answer separately.

For example, if you had your gender and age questions on the same page, and you submitted a response for gender only:

Then the unanswered age question would appear by itself on a follow-up screen:

2: Keeping Questions Together

To force two questions to appear together after a page is validated, select the second question so it appears in the stage area of the survey editor. Then, click on the "Basic" style link found in the top, right corner of that question:

The "Question Display Options" window will appear. Locate the "Keep With" drop-down menu and select the first question from the list. Then select "Save and Close":

Only questions that occur before the selected question will be available in the "Keep With" menu.

2.1: Testing the New Validation

To verify that your questions are now shown together, test the survey and submit a response for only the first question:

You should see both questions on the follow-up screen: