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Survey Recorder


The Recorder feature in the survey testing toolbar tracks your current testing path to assist you with identifying errors or issues that may arise during testing. The Recorder tracks all of your survey data up to the current page, allowing you to copy your current survey path for re-testing if you run into any problems. Tracked data includes any values assigned to you for survey variables, all questions you have viewed, and the answers you selected while testing the survey.

1: Reviewing Your Testing Path

To review your current testing path, click on the "Recorder" button to expand the feature:

From here, you can scroll to view all of your past survey data, or jump directly to another question in the survey using the drop-down menu at the top:

Only previously submitted questions will have data in the Recorder. You cannot view your responses to questions that have not yet been submitted, even if they are on the same page as your currently selected question.

1.1: Jumping Forward

When using the question drop-down to jump past the currently selected question, the Recorder will automatically answer any incomplete questions between this question and the question you select with dummy responses.  

Questions with unsatisfied base logic will not be accessible from the drop-down menu. You will need to test through the survey using a qualifying path in order to view those questions in the Recorder.

1.2: Jumping Backward

When using the question drop-down to jump back to an earlier survey question, the Recorder will continue to store all of your responses up to your last submitted question (unless a change is made). If you jump to a previously submitted question and submit a different response, the Recorder will clear your responses to all questions appearing after the changed question.  

2: Additional Considerations

  • The Recorder will not work properly if test data has not yet been run in your survey. Always be sure to run SST prior to manually testing a survey.
  • When you click the "Finish" button in the survey, the Recorder will reset and all of your current survey data will be erased.
  • When the Recorder is open, you can resize the sections by clicking on the top of the toolbar and sliding it up or down.
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