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Project Summary

The project summary allows you to easily view the URLs, exit links, quotas and settings for your survey. It can be accessed in the "Test" options throughout Decipher.

To access the project summary in your survey, select "Project Summary" in the "Test" menu.

Overview of the Project Summary Window

Survey URLs:  This section displays the current URLs for the survey. The URLs are system generated to specify the survey path, sample list and language, and the variables must be included for the link to function. You may select "use the grid to configure the survey URLs for this project" to edit the links.
Exit Links: This section includes a summary of the exit links or messages that will appear for qualified, terminate and overquota respondents when they complete the survey. To edit the exit links select setup sample sources in the actions menu in Builder.

Quotas: This section includes a summary of the quotas associated with the survey. To edit the quotas, select the quota icon in the question tree and edit the quota element.

Mobile: This section describes the mobile settings, including the compatibility level and allowed devices. You will also find any warnings about the features in your survey that are not ideal for mobile surveys.

Settings: This section includes a summary of the current settings in the survey.

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