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Evaluating Survey Performance Over Time

  Requires Decipher Cloud


The server scoreboard page shows you what surveys are being currently executed and their performance over time. It includes all surveys on your server that are live, as well as those that have been recently closed.

1: Accessing the Scoreboard Page

 You can access the scoreboard for your server using the following URL, where your-server is your cloud server sub-domain:


For example, if your portal login page is located at:  https://client.decipherinc.com/apps/portal, you would use this link to access the scoreboard:


If you need assistance locating your server scoreboard page, please contact our support team or your main FocusVision contact.

To view this page, shell / server-level permissions are required.

2: Viewing the Scoreboard

The scoreboard displays a link to standard report for each survey on the server, along with the following information for your review:

  • Loaded:  The number of unique IDs that have loaded at least 1 page of the survey in the last 60 minutes.
  • Compl: Same as the above, but includes only IDs that have completed the survey.

"Compl" counts include qualified, terminated, and overquota respondents.

  • Drop%:  The percentage of respondents that have had a survey page loaded for more than 5 minutes but less than 60 minutes, and have not completed the survey. The "Drop%" percent is displayed in bold for surveys that have a "Drop%" above 30 percent. This is shown only for surveys with non-trivial activity.

Based on historical data, 99% of respondents take 256 seconds or less between each page, so the "Drop%" reports at the most only 1% of false dropouts.

Additionally, this information is summarized and displayed in an area chart at the bottom of the scoreboard page:

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