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Email Campaign Manager Overview


1: Accessing the Campaign Manager

To access and manage email campaigns, locate your project in the portal, click on the name and click "Email Campaigns" in the "Distribute" section of the project links. The email campaign manager can be accessed from any application in the "Distribute" menu.


Click "New Campaign" to create your first campaign and email.

2: Campaign Manager Overview


1. Project Information : The project name and directory information.
2. Reports : Quickly access the reports for the campaign.
         Campaign Report : Allows you to access the campaigns.
         Opt-out Report : Allows you to access the opt-out report for the project. Respondents can opt-out of receiving future emails. The report is a text field that shows all the emails.
3. New Email Campaign : Allows you to add a new campaign. Click here for additional information.
4. Campaigns : Sort campaigns by the name in ascending or descending order.
5. RecipientList : Allows you to add a recipientList if none exists for the campaign, or access the options menu for an existingList.
6. Status : Provided the status for the campaign (ie, saved, seed senddone, soft / full / reminder send done, etc.). Click on "more" to view the full status history.
7. Date Created : Displays the date the campaign was created and allowed you to sort by date.
8. Total Invites : Displays the total number of invites for the campaign.
9. Spam Rating : Displays the spam rating for the campaign and allows sorting.

3: Campaign Options

Click on a campaign to view the options for the campaign.

3.1: Edit Campaign Email

Select to edit the campaign email. Click here for an overview of the editing procedures.

3.2: Launch Campaign

Select to launch the email campaign. Click here for complete instructions about launching an email campaign.

3.3: Edit Reminder Email

Allows you to edit the email for a reminder. Click here for additional instructions.

3.4: Launch Reminders

Select to send out the reminder emails. Click here for complete instructions about launching the reminders.

4: Recipient List Options

If you are not a registered user, click here to add it.

If a recipient list has been uploaded for the campaign, click on the list to access the options for the list.

4.1: View List

Select "View List" to the content of your recipient list. The "filter" field allows you to quickly locate specific information. This view also allows you to do the following:

  • Export List: Export the list to .txt format
  • Export Bounce-Backs: Export a list of permanent bounce back emails. Learn More
  • ReplaceList: Allows you to replace the existing list with a new one
  • ShareList: Enter a name for the list and share it between others within the same project

4.2: Edit List

Select "Edit List" to edit the contents of your recipient list. Simply click on the item you want to edit and enter the new text. This also offers the option to delete recipients from the list by clicking on the "x" icon. Once the edits are complete, click "Save".

4.2.1: Actions

The actions menu offers the following options:

  • Undo: Undo the last change (ctrl + z)
  • Redo: the last change (ctrl + shift + z)
  • Restore to OriginalList: Restore to the original state

4.3: ReplaceList

Allows you to replace the existing list with a new one.

4.4: Share List

Select "ShareList" to name the list and share it between others within the same project. Click "Share" once a name has been entered.


4.5: Export List

Select "ExportList" to export the list to .txt format.