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Sending Reminders


1: Launch Reminders

Once the initial email is done and the reminder email has been created, the reminder emails can be sent to the recipient list.

You may send more than one set of reminder emails. After the initial round of reminders emails have been sent out, just follow the same steps outlined below to send additional reminders to recipients in the list who have not completed the survey.

To send the reminder emails, click on the project in the campaign manager screen and select "Launch Reminders."

Tip: If the "Launch Reminders" action is out of date, Open the reminder email and click "Send Test Email."

1.1: Review the Campaign Information

A new window will appear with the campaign name and recipient list, including the number of recipients in the list. Review this information before proceeding with the send.

1.2: Seed List

By default the seedlist is included in the email send. Uncheck the box if you do not want to include the seed list in the email send.

1.3: Filter by Variable (Optional)

The campaign manager gives you the option to filter your mailing list to a specific group. This step is optional. Click "Add Recipient List Filter."

Select the variable from the dropdown menu. Then you would like to filter the chosen variable. To further restrict this filter, click "+ AND" and add additional restrictions. To add a second, independent filter, click "Add Filter" and follow the same steps. Once finished, click "Apply Filters."

Once applied, you'll have the option to edit or delete the filter.

1.4: Schedule the Send (Optional)

By default the soft send will occur 20 minutes after "Send Reminder Emails" is clicked. If you want to set a specific date, you can use the "Schedule Delayed Send" section. Send Reminder Emails. "Send Reminder Emails." Click in the field and select the date in the calendar pop-up, then click on the drop-down menu. The selected date / time will appear in the field as you adjust them. If you want to send a message to a friend, you must be at least 20 minutes.

If you are sending emails in batches a "remaining" field is included, allowing you to specify the number of remaining emails.

1.5: Send Reminders

If all looks correct, click "Send Reminders" to initiate the email send.

Reminder emails are sent to the seed list immediately and a soft send will go out after 20 minutes , if the reminder has not been scheduled for a specific time and date. The status will display the countdown. This allows the user to change the email address. The reminder email send can only be canceled on the 20 minute countdown, while the send is being prepared. Once the 20 minutes are up the reminder email send can not be canceled.

The soft send wants to go out to the first 10,000 recipients of the reminder email campaign. If the entire reminder email campaign contains 10,000 recipients or less, then the entire recipient list will be emailed in the soft send.

The rest of the reminder email send (ie, full send) will go out 12 hours after the soft send . The status is displayed in the status column of the email campaign.