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Relaunching a Survey

Within the portal you have the ability to relaunch a survey after it's been closed. First, locate your project in the Portal and click the  menu icon   next to the project name to access the project controls menu. A drop-down menu will appear with a list of options. Under the "Distribute" header, select "Relaunch Survey".

Relaunching a project does not disrupt existing data.

The "Launching Survey" window will appear, displaying the sample sources, survey links and mobile settings for the survey. When relaunching a survey these cannot be edited. Once reviewed, click "Launch" to proceed with the relaunch.

The survey editor will automatically run test data through the survey to check for errors. This will not interfere with existing data.

The survey will be launched. "Congratulations! Your survey is now live and ready for respondents!" will appear in the window.

Note:  Contact de-support@focusvision.com if your survey does not relaunch in a reasonable amount of time.

In the Portal, the status of the project will indicate that the survey is now live.


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