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Opt-Out Process


Decipher will not send emails to people who do not want to be contacted, i.e., "opt-outs". All email invitations to surveys must include an opt-out link. The opt-out link/URL contains the email address the email was sent to, and is automatically generated for each email address upon launching the survey or email campaign.

1: What does the opt-out link do?

The opt-out link redirects respondents to the screen below, where they must confirm that they do not want to be contacted again in the future:

The respondent's email address will be pre-filled and editable, so they simply need to click "Finish" to confirm opting out. Once a user submits this page, their email address is added to a "remove" list.

When an email address is added to a "remove" list, it means that the email will be removed from all further communications. The bulk email programming command checks the global "remove" list and will not send to any emails listed there. Global remove surveys are assumed to be Decipher-branded emails where opt-out indicates opt-out of all Decipher bulk sends.

In addition to explicit opt-outs, error and human replies to the sender address cause the email to be removed from any further sends, unless the email has characteristics of a temporary situation (e..g "mailbox full or" "I'm out of the office today"). This has a 24-hour delay. Human spam complaints to abuse@decipherinc.com are handled in the same manner.

Note: Automated spam complaints from "feedback loops" and bouncebacks also cause automatic suppression from all future sends.

2: Campaign Manager Considerations

Because the Campaign Manager is tied to each survey at a company level, any emails sent from there will have opt-out links that apply solely to future communications from the same company.

Once an email is sent out using the Campaign Manager, a "Remove Survey" is automatically created within the company directory. This survey consists of just the opt-out screen with an open-ended response box to track user emails.

You can view a list of all of your company-specific opt-outs by first clicking the "Opt-out Report" option in the Campaign Manager for any survey:

Running the report:

Then clicking the response count in the open-ended response element:

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