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Monitoring Drop-outs in Field

The drop-outs tab is available for every project. It allows you to quickly identify possible issues by calculating the drop-out rate for each question. Terminated respondents are not included in the calculation.

Each column is described below:

  • Page:  The  page column represents each page of the survey (not each individual question), and is a clickable link that takes you directly to the page view.
    • If a page states "None," it is likely representing a hidden question or variable.
  • Question:  This column shows the text of the first question on that specific page.
  • Total:
    • Completed (Total):  The completed column, found under the "Total" section, shows the calculation of those that finished each page divided by the number that viewed the page (excluding terminates). This is also represented as a percentage that completed the page.
    • Time (Total):  The time is the average time spent viewing the page in the survey. The average is calculated by removing the top and bottom 1% (i.e., any time outside of 3 standard deviations), then recalculating the average with the remaining 99%. Outliers may be respondents that either sped through the survey much more quickly than most or those that may have walked away from the survey for a day before completing it from the average time). Hover-over a time for details about the calculation (e.g., Xs; X outliers; stddev=Xs).

      Note:  Changes to the layout of the survey may alter the data, because each respondent might hold a different page view.

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