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Accessing Click-Through Partial Data

Partial data is the data obtained when a respondent clicks on the survey link. It includes data for all respondents who clicked on the link, including those that may have dropped out before completing the survey or were terminated.

To access the partial data for a survey, open the Field Report and select the "Completions" tab. Then click on the "Click-Through" number to download the partial data.

The partial data will appear in a new browser window in tab-delimited form. An example is shown below, as well as descriptions of the default columns that appear in the partial data. The partial data will also contain any additional variables included in the survey url. For example, if a url contains "&typ=1" then the partial data will also include a column for "typ."

uuid The respondent's unique id number, generated by our system.
date The date and time the respondent clicked on the survey link.
status This number indicates respondent's survey status:
   1 - Terminated
   2 - Overquota
   3 - Qualified
   4 - Partial (left the survey without terminating or completing
markers Lists any survey markers the respondent met in their survey path, including quota groups, qualified or terminate points.
url The url used by the respondent to enter the survey.
ip The respondent's ip (i.e., internet protocol).
source The source variable passed in the url used by the respondent. If the url does not contain a source variable this column is left blank.
record The respondent's record, assigned in order of completion.
ipAddress The respondent's ip address (i.e., numerical label assigned to their device).
decLang The survey language variable passed in the url. By default surveys are in English. If the url does not contain the language variable this column is left blank.
list The list variable passed in the url used by the respondent. If the url does not contain a list variable the column is left blank.
session An alphanumeric code assigned to the respondent that's generated by our system to identify the session.
url The url the respondent entered the survey with.

To save the partial data you can either copy and paste the contents into a text editor, or select "save page as" for the browser window and save the contents to your computer in a .txt file. You can then import the file into Excel using the import wizard; simply select the tab-delimited .txt file and import the partial data into Excel.