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Creating a Table Set


1:  Creating a Table Set

To create a new table set, open the settings for your crosstab. Click on the "Table Set" menu and select "New Table Set".


The toggles allow you to quickly select or deselect "All", "Closed-End", "Open-End", or "Meta" tables for the table set. A preview of the tables appears in the right side of the window.


The search box allows you to search through all tables.  If you select a table from the search results, all tables for that question are displayed.  Similarly, if you select a question from the search results, all tables for that question are displayed.

When selecting tables from the table list, you can press the "Shift + Click" keys to select/deselect ranges of tables.

In Chrome and IE 11, you can press the Shift key to select multiple tables.

To configure your table set:

1. Select tables. The selected tables are shown in the preview window.
2. Name your table for ease of reference and select the "Access" level:

  • Editable:  Any logged-in user can edit the table set
  • View Only:  Any logged-in user can view this table set. Only the owner can edit.
  • Private:  Only you (the owner) can use/edit this table set

3. Click "Save".


2:  Applying a Table Set

Any table set you save will be available as an option in the settings, under the "Table Set" menu.

To apply the table set, open the settings for your crosstab. Then select it in the "Table Set" menu and click "Apply".


3:  Edit / Delete a Table Set

To edit or delete a saved table set, first open the "Settings" for your crosstab. In the "Table Set" menu, hover-over the saved table set and click on the edit icon  , or delete icon .

If edit is selected the "Create a Table Set" window will open, allowing you to edit and save the table set.

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