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Add/Edit Charts


1:  About Charts

Charts can be generated for all questions specified in the table set and by the segment criteria specified in the "Report Setup." By default, no charts are visible.

You can select from a number of chart types plus generate charts for nets and each statistic, if desired. Chart data reflects the table configuration settings so any changes such as updates table title text or hide/show answer rows will be reflected in the charts.

2:  Adding/Editing a Chart

You can create a chart by selecting the chart icon, which will add a chart above the selected table:

The window below will appear, allowing you to configure the chart:

If your chart contains "nets" you will have the option to generate charts for those as well.

The "Frequency Data" must be checked for the chart to be added. Examples of the chart types are included below. Once you've selected the chart type, click "Save" to add the chart for the table.

2.1:  Chart Types

Tip: If you mouse-over group in the chart, the exact percentage will appear.


Bar chart:


Column chart:



Pie chart:


Area chart:



Line chart:


3:  Chart Options

Through the "View Options" menu, you can change the chart color palette. Select the "View Chart Options" options and choose your desired color palette from the chart dialog.

  • Data Values: Allows you to show "Percentages" or "Counts" as the charted value.
  • Color Palette: Allows you to select from a wide range of color palettes for your chart.

Once you've selected the options, click "Save."

4:  Removing a Chart

To remove a chart in Crosstabs, click on the chart icon. Then simply uncheck the "Frequency Table" checkbox and click "Save":

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