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Alert Element

The alert element is used to send a customized email if a respondent matches the condition set up on the element. For example, you may want to know if a respondent was not satisfied with your service, or wants more information and followup from your company.

When a respondent satisfies the alert condition, the alert email is sent out after the respondent completes the survey.

Alerts can also be set up for quotas in the field report. To learn how, click here.

1:  Adding an Alert Element

To insert an alert element, add a new survey element, select "Structural" and choose "Alert". Then click "Insert".

The alert element will be hidden to respondents when viewing the survey.

1.1:  Setting up the Alert Message

Next, fill out the alert. Details about each field are included below our example.

1.  Alert Name:  Enter the name of the alert. This is used as the subject line of the email.
2.  Alert Recipients:  Enter a properly formatted email address for each recipient of the alert.
3.  Alerts accessible by (Optional): Enter an email or group label to restrict access to specific users. All users with report access (report.edit) automatically have access to the alert, as well as company supervisors.
4.  From:  Enter a properly formatted email address for the sender of the alert. By default your username will appear here.
5.  Message:  The body of the email is entered here. The body of the email can utilize the pipe tool, allowing you to pipe question answers into the message body.  This pipe variable will generate a clickable link in the email that will let a recipient of the notification get more information about the respondent.
6.  Send a Reminder:  Check this box to send a reminder email. Choose the number of days of inactivity before the reminder is sent out.
7.  Include Survey Content:  Select a question(s) to include in the email. Click "Add a Question" to select the desired question(s).
8.  Include link to respondent's survey results:  Check this box to include a link to the respondent's answers to all questions in the survey.

1.2:  Setting up the Alert Condition

To set up the condition for the alert, you will create a new logic condition the same way you would for a survey question. In the general options for the element, select "show alert if" and click on "new condition" (or select an existing condition).

Logic conditions can only be created using elements that occur before the alert element . Select the question from the dropdown menu and the answer options from that question will appear, then select the answer choices that will define the logic. For more detailed information about adding logic conditions, click here.

Once the condition is defined, click "Save". The condition will appear along the top portion of the alert element.