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Discussion: Participating in a Discussion

To Do List

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When the Discussion activity launches, the Discussion activity will appear in the participants To Do List in order of its launch time. Participant will recognize a Discussion Activity on their To Do list by the Discussion icon to the left.

Clicking on the To Do item opens it.

Once the participant has posted at least one response, the Discussion "To Do" item will move from the "To Do" list to the "Ongoing Activity" list directly below where the participant continue to be able to access for the remainder of the project.


When the participant first opens the activity they are presented with the instructions, optional image, and/or video stimuli as configured by the researcher in the setup.

If multiple languages have been configured, the participant will see the instructions translation in accordance with their segment language setting.

Influenced Discussions

Participants will immediately be able to see all other posts or comments that have already been posted. They will be able to review these posts before making one of their own.

Uninfluenced Discussions

Participants will not be able to see any other posts or comments until they submit their first post. Once they submit their first post, all other posts and comments will become visible.


1. Top-Level Posts

To add a new top-level post, use the main text box just below the instructions.  Add text and click "Add Post." This will create a new top-level post others can comment on.


To add a comment, click the "+ Comment" button just below the original post. To reply to another comment in the same thread, click the comment button that appears on hover. Both buttons will toggle open the comment box and allow the participant to add text and click "Add Comment."

3. Uploading Images

Images can be uploaded in both top-level posts and comments. Click the camera icon to select an image and post as you would any other post or comment. The image can be removed by clicking the red "x" button.

Photo formats and sizes

4. Liking

Posts and comments can both be "liked."  Click the "thumbs up" icon to the right of the author name/post date to like a post. The like button will display blue if the current user has liked a post. Click the "thumbs up" button again to "unlike."

5. Editing a Post/Comment

Participants can edit their own posts/comments. To edit, hover over the post/comment body and click on the "cog" icon that appears. From the menu, select "Edit."  Make changes then click save.

6. Completion Tracking

In the top right, participants see a progress bar that reflects the "Minimum Suggested Contributions" as configured by the researcher in the Discussion setup. This bar reflects the number of "Contributions" to the discussion which is an aggregate of top-level posts + comments. Clicking on the progress bar, displays a breakdown of their contributions.

7. Activity Pane

The activity pane lists posts from newest to oldest in an easy to navigate tool bar. The activity pane contains all question, public and comment posts that were created within the discussion. Although the posts within the activity pane only contain the first line of the response, when clicked on it will navigate to the appropriate location within the discussion where the full post can be read. To close the activity pane click the arrow at the top of the activity pane.

8. New Post Marker

At the top of the Activity Pane there will be displayed a message of how many new posts have been made since last time the discussion was checked. Clicking on the comments will take you to where that comment is within the context of the discussion.

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