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Custom Invites

Custom Invites in the Revelation platform

The Revelation platform supports customization for the participant invites. This creates a way to easily convey important information to participants early on, avoiding the need to send multiple emails or messages.

Participant invites are automated by the Studyspace platform. The initial paragraph of the invite is customizable. This is the only portion of the invite that is customizable.

Instructions on implementing Custom Invites

  • To customize the first paragraph, go to the "Participants" page located in the "PROJECT SETUP" of the left hand menu.

  • On the participant page, select the "Invites" drop-down in the upper right hand corner. There will be an option called "Customize," click once.

  • When the customize option is opened, you will see the default text in each segment text box. To edit the text, click into the text box and make any necessary updates for each segment. Once changes have been made, select "Save." The new wording will be applied when you send out the platform invites to participants.

Please note: For text changes for languages other than English, the language will need to be entered into the text box, the system does not automatically translate English.

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