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Participant FAQ

Welcome to our Participant FAQ page! See below for answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

Participant Management 

Can I Edit Participant Responses? 

Yes! As a researcher from the "Explore" page, if you click the "edit response" button at the top right of an entry you can then edit the response.

What Can I Do If A Participant Is Not Participating In A Respectful Manner? 

You have two options, the first being a disable. This will prevent that participant from logging into the system going forward, but all comments and activities will be retained. The other choice is to delete the participant, which will remove them completely from the study and delete all of their data, forever. That data will never come back! Ever.

These two options can be controlled on the "Setup : Participant" page.

Can The Participants See The Name Of Their Segment Or Other Study Information? 

Participants can only see what you want them to see as you have ultimate control over what they are exposed to.

What participants can see:

  • activities you program
  • questions/probes you post for them
  • the screen names and submissions of other participants for activities you’ve designated as social activities. They can also view any researcher comments for these submissions.
  • All responses and comments in group discussion activities

What participants can not see:

  • the profile information you create for them
  • the segment they are in
  • the info of other participants
  • comments left by observers
  • activities before they are launched

How Will Participants Know How To Use The Revelation Web And Mobile Apps? 

When a participant logs into the app and/or website for the first time there are a series of pop-ups that will orient them on how to navigate and use each section.

My Participant Is Trying To Login But It Keeps Failing? 

  1. Check the participant email in the system. Double check that there are no discrepancies between the participant’s email in the system and the one they provided originally.
  2. Make sure they haven’t registered already. Sometimes participants will register and create a new password only to try and use the temporary password instead.
  3. Make sure they passed the captcha. The captcha is that box with the funky letters you have to type out to prove to the system you are indeed human. If a participant didn’t type the captcha letters in correctly, it won’t let them log in.
  4. Double check that the participant is attempting to login with the same email address they originally provided.
  5. Have the participant contact tech support at re-support@focusvision.com

My Participant Never Got The Invite Email, What Should I Do? 

  1. The fastest way to remedy this is by skipping the invite email all together. All they need from the invite is the temporary password which you can send to them yourself. You can find it on the top of the "Setup : Project" page right under "Project Name." Tell them to use their email and this password to login and they should be all set.
  2. Have the participant check their spam folder for an email from studyspace.net. Although we have optimized the invite emails to prevent getting caught by spam filters, it can still happen from time to time.
  3. Check participant email in the system. Double check that there are no discrepancies between the participant’s email in the system and the one they provided originally.

What’s Included In The Invite Email? 

When you send an invite to a participant from Revelation the participant will get all the information they need to log-in to the website and/or app and get going. This includes:

  • confirms email they should use to log in
  • provides temporary password for first time log-in
  • links to iOS and Google Play app stores (this is not included for web only projects)

Who Creates The Participant’s Username? 

The moderator creates a participant’s username when they upload them into the system.

How Much Should I Pay Participants? 

A good place to start is $25-$30 per day per participant. This is for an average project during which participants are required to spend 30 - 45 minutes per day completing activities. If you plan on having participants capture video during your activities you should consider increasing the amount to $40 per day as video can be time intensive to record and upload.


How Will A Participant Know I’ve Sent Them A Message? 

Messages will trigger an email notification, if the participant has chosen to receive them. If this is a part of a mobile study and the participant has push notification enabled, they will receive that as a push. Also, once a participant has logged into studyspace, or the mobile app, they will see that a message has been placed into their inbox.

Can I Send Messages Through The System? 

On the "dashboard: home" or the "dashboard:messages" pages you can access the internal mail system. You can send a message to a single participant, an entire segment, or the entire list of participants.

Do Participants Get Notified When A New Activity Launches? 

The system does not notify participants when a new activity launches in order to give researchers more control over notifications and to prevent accidentally overwhelming participants. Alerts and notifications are best used with discretion so that people actually pay attention to them. There are typically multiple activities launched on any given day of a project which when combined with alerts for messages and comments would soon result in over notification. We recommend you send out a daily reminder email through the system, which alerts participants to the new activities. This will not only send them a message inside of the system, but also let them know via their personal email and push notifications through the app that a message is waiting for them.

If you enable the Daily Digest located in Project Settings, participants will receive a daily email summary of the day. This summary includes a section called "Activities Launching" which will list the items to expect on their to-do list in the upcoming 24 hours. The list will be marked with the specific time each activity is launching.

Revelation / Next

What is the To-Dos Area?

To-dos area is the main area opened upon login to the site. Here you see and complete your current and ongoing activities. 

What is the Feed Area?

Allows you to see and edit previous responses. For projects with activities that include social interaction (influenced and uninfluenced activities) this is also where participant can view, like, and comment on other participant's responses.

What is the Messages Area?

In the Messages area you can view, respond to, and send messages.

What is the Settings Area?

In the Setting Area can change your password, profile photo, email preferences, or timezone.

Revelation / Next Mobile App

Is There A Size Limit To The Videos A Participant Can Upload Via The App?

No, there is no limit. However, the app must be left open and connected to WiFi or Data until the video fully uploads.

With Push Notifications, Is There A Difference In The Notification If It's A User Comment Vs. Researcher Comment?

The push notification will just let them know they have a new comment. There is no difference between User and Researcher comments.

Can Participants Upload Data (I.E. Videos) Over WiFi To Avoid Impacting Their Data Plan?

If a participant is connected to a wifi network, The Revelation | Next app will use it to send the data. However, if they are not connected to wifi then it will use their data plan.

Can People Enroll In A Study Completely Through Their Mobile Phone? Or Do They Have To Do This Via The Website?

In Revelation | Next they can enroll and complete a study all through the mobile phone. They do this by using a temporary password that is emailed to them as part of the invite email.

How Do Participants Get The App?

Like any app on Android and iOS, they do so by visiting the app stores and searching for "Revelation Next." There are also clickable links included in the invite email that will take them to the app in the iOS and Google Play stores.

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