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FV Revelation Unterstützung

Alle Themen, Ressourcen für FV Decipher benötigt.


Participant Invite Email

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Once participants are invited they receive an invite email that contains all they need to begin the project.

  1. Link to Study - The name of the project is a link that will take participants directly to studyspace.net.
  2. Password - A temporary password is provided which allows participants to log into the app and/or website for the first time. Once they have logged in, they will be asked to create a new password of their choosing.
  3. Mobile Links - For projects that contain mobile activities, links are provided to both the iOS App and Google Play stores. If your project doesn’t include mobile activities, this section will be omitted. 
  4. Help -  An email address specific to this project is given in case participants need to send you a message. You will receive an email notification letting you know there is a message waiting for you within studyspace. This area also provides the email to contact technical support in case they experience log in issues.
  5. Moderator Name - This is the name of the moderator designated for this particular segment. Researchers are assigned as moderators by segments on the "Setup : Project" page.
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