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How To Transfer Large Files That Don't Attach To An Email

Please navigate to the website clicking on https://www.wetransfer.com

1. Select the option "Take me to free"

2. Select the "<" option to create a link 

3. Upload your video clicking "+Add files"

4. Generate the link of your video 

5. If you have additional videos to upload repeat step #3

6. Once you have finished to upload videos, select "Transfer" 

7. Your link that will contain your files it's creating, please wait until it will reach 100%

8. Once the process is complete, go ahead and click "Copy link," at this point all that is left to do is go to your email, in the body of the email you can paste the link that wetransfer created and your files will be successfully emailed. You can now send this link to supportrevelation@focusvision.com and our tech support team will take it from here.

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