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Alle Themen, Ressourcen für FV Decipher benötigt.


Adding Multiple Participants at Once

To add participants to your project, look under the project setup section of the project toolbar and select participants.

  1. To add participants click the drop down arrow at the top right corner of the page and select: Upload Multiple
  2. Upload Multiple- Allows you to batch upload participants using a csv wizard.

After selecting "Upload Multiple" you will enter the CSV wizard.

  1. Download a CSV template pre-populated with all the necessary profile fields by clicking the drop down arrow at the top right corner of the screen and selecting "Download CSV Template."
  2. If you'd like to create your own CSV from scratch, this preview gives you an example of what it should look like.
  3. Show Tips - Outlines a few things you should know about uploading participants with a CSV. Make sure to read them!
  4. Select "Next" once you are ready to upload your CSV.

    If your CSV has errors you will be notified about how many errors are present.

  5. Select this if you'd like to add the participants without errors and skip the ones that do.
  6. Error type and details are displayed so you can see exactly what is wrong.
  7. Rows with errors will be highlighter in red. To edit the data simply click into the cell with the error and change it.


Once you have solved any existing errors (or if you didn't have any to begin with) click submit to process your participant csv. Once the csv has loaded correctly the csv will display itself so you can make sure that everything was loaded correctly. Click "Done" to return to the participants page.

Once your participants are added you will get a confirmation screen.

  1. Click to return to the "Participants" area.
  2. "Status" confirms that your participants were uploaded. There are three possible statuses:
  3. "created" means the participant has been successfully added, "updated" means an existing participant had their profile info updated, and "failed" means that the participant failed to upload.