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Creating Custom Profile Fields

There are two ways to add custom profiles fields to your project. The first way is the one we recommend as it is much simpler. All you need to do is add new columns into your CSV for each profile field you would like to add. 

  1. The CSV wizard will identify new columns and give you the option to "create a new column" or "ignore."
  2. Once you select "create a new column" you will get a drop down menu that allows you to select the type of data that is in the column. "Single Select" is data where only one option applies to each participant. "Multiple Select" is data where several options can apply to each participant. "Text" is in case you want to put answers to open ended questions into a profile field. 
  3. Select "ok" to add the new column.

  1. The second way to add custom profile fields is by selecting "Customize Profile Fields" in the "Participants" menu. 

  1. Once you click "Customize Profile Fields" you are directed to the "Custom Profile" builder. 
  2. Collectors - The builder works exactly like the "Activity Builder" in that you drag and drop collectors into the building area. The difference is that with the "Custom Profile" builder you are essentially building new criteria that will be a part of a user’s profile. When picking your collectors, think of it like a form you would fill out when you upload new participants. For example, if you want to add a profile field for income then you would chose a single choice question (since there can only be one response to this question per participants). In the question text you would write "Income" and the answer options would be however you’d like to segment income ($20k-$39k, $40k - $59k, $60k - $79k, etc.).
  3. Save - Don’t forget to save when you are done!
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